Evil cannot ever be dead enough!

This evil was repeatedly released in the community by progressive judges and prosecutors.


Give that officer a raise and a larger capacity mag.


I saw it too that he was empty. Missing a tactical reload opportunity could kill you @4:16
God was on their side, when the evil guy’s gun jammed (or was empty) when he came from behind them. 61 rounds in total.


All involved should sue the people involved in his release or bail, about $750,000 each. This type of crime is to prevalent in the US & should not happen. It’s the fault of the poor pity him hearts in political positions allowing it to happen.


One good thing about this is society is rid of this thug and the taxpayers will save money! Prayers for all law enforcement officers.


A set up to fail. Failed the community, failed the officers, failed the other occupants of the car (maybe) and failed the shooter who would be alive if they had not let him out of jail.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t feel sorry for the shooter but no one had to die.


I will take a good ole’ boy county sheriff over a whole gang of city administrators any day. Good versus evil… right versus wrong, will never waver…Thank God for the good guys.


Someone posted his previous “interactions” with the law system:



Law enforcement officers take the road each shift in the best interest of protecting the community and serving those in need. This video clearly demonstrates how quickly a motor vehicle stop turns in to a deadly encounter. The Office’s training and immediate recognition of the need to escalate the use of force in this encounter AND still track the armed suspect, displays the highest level of focus and professional actions.
Amen to all that serve and support our nation of law enforcement professionals.


The most frightening part is how incredible fast this situation escalated. Within 2 seconds it went from normal to deadly. No wonder cops are always on edge when they stop someone and why it is imperative we ALWAYS obey their commands to the letter ! If they overreach, which happens, there will be legal methods to address it later but they are worthless if you’re dead !


I rarely get pulled over, but if I do, I leave my hands at 10 and 2 until told differently. I also roll ALL my windows down 90%… Please officer, take a good look, there is nothing here to alarm you. Common sense and a respectfull attitude goes a long way with them. :policewoman:


Same here.
If I’m pulled over I shut off my vehicle, roll my window all the way down, and I keep both of my hands in plain view until the officer approaches and addresses me.

In addition to that (although I’m not obligated or required to do so), I will let them know (if) I have my sidearm on the side of my console or on the passenger seat, where it may or may not be immediately visible or that it is on my belt if I’m asked to step out.
Informing them upfront puts them at ease, and prevents an unknown danger suddenly presenting itself unexpectedly.
I don’t like potentially deadly surprises appearing out of nowhere right in front of me, and neither do they.


Me too. I usually have my license, permit and insurance card on the dash by the time the officer gets to the window. We have a duty to disclose if your are licensed and if it is on your person.
“if the licensee is transporting or has a loaded handgun in the motor vehicle at that time,”
At one time you always had to disclose whether you were carrying or not.


Yes Sir, it does go along way. Just like being someone at an event or party. Mutual respect. Yes, the officer is doing his job, but still no reason to start out without mutual respect in most cases.


Agreed! I get pulled over maybe more than my fair share. Possibly because I pull a gooseneck cattle trailer quite often. I was pulled over once because the officer did not like the location of my license plate. It was in the factory location… it had been there 20 years. All that flashed through my mind…, and I said “yes sir, I will move it.”


It’s time to eliminate all liberal judges and prosecutors.



Wouldn’t that be nice! So, pray tell how this can be accomplished legally and peacefully? Seems like it should have occurred already if there is/was a legal and peaceful way to do it, but I am all ears…


“Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical.” — Blaise Pascal

IMHO, it’s way past time for some justified force…



I agree, force will be required. But, use of force can be legal and peaceful. For example, voting (properly counted), brings about force of change. Lawsuits settled via courts, etc., bring about change. Force can be measured many ways - not just thru the power of guns and ammo. So, what type(s) of force are you suggesting?


It will be as legal as Biden’s vaccine mandate, as legal as letting thousands of illegals into my country…