Evaluating A New CCW Piece


Does anyone here carry the Walther PPS? I’ve read all the reviews, now I’d like to hear from someone who owns one and tell me what they think of it. The reason I ask is that I am a pretty small guy by anyone’s standards, so making a handgun disappear is pretty hard for me. I have a Ruger American Pistol as my primary home defense sidearm (after Mr. Remington 870 Express, of course), but I’m looking to have something comfortable and reliable to use out and about. I’ve handled a RAP-C and I’m sure a bigger guy could make it invisible, but it feels a little too chunky for me.

Anyway, the Walther PPS gets decent reviews. Who owns one and how do you like it?


I own both the PPS classic and M2 and really enjoy shooting and carrying them.

FYI, www.georgiagunstore.com has the M2 and M2 LE models on sell for a really good price. That’s why I now own both models. They currently are selling the M2 for $245 and the M2 LE for $295.

I like carrying OWB with a DeSantis georgiagunstore.com/desantis-spd-scbrd-wal-pps-rh-blk.html.