Enough current events. Back to guns. Topic: Stribog

Even though the name sounds like a pharmaceutical, I have been looking at this pistol since they began selling in the US. The reviews are pretty good, but as I have said before a lot of those YouTube videos are bullshit. Videos designed to get clicks and make money on ads. Some are good, (I am a hickok45 fan) but I have noticed a lot of these vids are simply regurgitating the real reviews done by the leading gun publications. I give more weight to people on boards like this than hucksters on YouTube.

If I get one, I’m certain to replace the lower and make other mods. But I like the form factor. I was a big fan of the MAC-10 and its derivatives from MPA. And Intratec TEC-9. They were fun, but the MAC and MPA were as heavy as a boat anchor. The Stribog is a different design but the form factor looks the same as those old school subguns and there’s something I like about that. It may be my next project.

Anybody have one? If so, I’m interested in your opinion.


I’ve considered one, which model are you looking at? I was actually interested in the carbine, but I’ve never seen one for sale anywhere.

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PSA has the pistol version with a folding SB stock for $700, sometimes.


I have not seen the carbine either.


I saw that 699! Very tempting. The thing is, I will put upgrades on it that aren’t essential but make it better. It’s my only remaining vice. I have gotten into the habit of buy one sell one to fund my obsession.

Working on guns and improving them is just as much fun for me as shooting.
Keeps your brain and your hands busy.

My dilemma is… Stribog or AK 9mm pistol. I go back and forth on that. My end game is… what’s the best possible all-around 9mm folder. The ultimate bug out kit. I think the ideal rig is pistol + folding carbine. Same mags/caliber.