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EMP Apocalypse Preparation

I think you’ll find that most “EMP Scenarios” are Hollywood fantasy. Most power plants can recover damaged generators within 3 or 4 days. So even if an EMP were to disable a plant, you’re talking a 3 or 4 day hiccup in the power supply in a given area. Sure, there might be a few grids that are out longer, and you might have some areas without rule-of-law for a while, but it wouldn’t be time to start making chainmail and armor from tires. Farming would happen without fuel. Yes, tractors and combines increase output, but farmers got by just fine without gasoline and diesel in the old days. If it were as easy to take us (the strongest country in the world, and the most hated by eastern ideologies and communist nations) out, they would have done so already. Electric transformers are relatively easy to replace. So are oil pumping stations. I think you’ve forgotten that most Americans aren’t easily intimidated by a little hard work. I would be much more concerned about the current administration wrecking the economy than an EMP or some terrorists with rifles or TNT.


I wouldn’t discount EMP entirely. Even if it doesn’t kill all electronics, an EMP would hardly be the only thing an enemy would hit us with simultaneously. Much of our infrastructure is very vulnerable to determined people. The larger transformers aren’t easily replaceable, especially if simultaneous attacks happen across the country. A single stick of dynamite or IED can take out a lot of equipment, and cascading failures in the right circumstances can take out an amazing amount of the grid - witness the entire eastern seaboard taken down by a single safety cutout that transferred its overload to the grid, which caused another cutout to overload and transfer, which caused another…

If enough major switching stations were disabled, there wouldn’t be ‘spare parts’ to fix many of them if at all, since huge transformers and other power handling components are custom-made and there’s a LOT of lead time. Combine that with sabotage of oil pipelines, rail hubs, and bridges, and getting those components to where they’re needed becomes a problem.

In the mean time, whatever fuel has been stored is quickly used up. Farmers “got by” in the olden days because they had horses and oxen. I’d bet not one farmer in 100 knows how to farm using only animals, not to mention they don’t have the livestock, there are no animal-drawn plows and reapers and such stored in their barns, and without power and transportation they can’t get them. There are no fertilizers and pesticides, and crop yield will be much lower. Then there’s the problem of getting the crops to the people who need them.

I could go on but I’m sure you get the picture. Our way of life could be easily disrupted by a determined enemy.


The Obiden administration


I’m not discounting an EMP at all. Small electronics can handle quite a bit of voltage (hear that AMD?), but NOT amperage. Amperage is what kills electronics large and small (ok voltage can too lol). The Carrington even ring a bell? Granted it was a CME vs a EMP, but it has the same principals and effects. Took out telegraph lines.

Also keep in mind there are miles of wire inside a vehicle (any kind) that act like a antenna, including homes as well. How many tiny sensitive electronic modules on in said car? Tons. Now granted it won’t kill all cars, like ones parked underground concrete structures and classic cars, some dizzys will be take out though.

Small transformers, sure the city may have some spares that hopefully were not damaged. Oh wait it takes a crane to lift them up. Not to mention power transfer stations, yeah those transformers/electronics are not just sitting on a shelf. They take months to build and transport.

If there is no fuel for a few days then delivery trucks will only go so far untill they run out of fuel. Then it’s a massive traffic jam.

It’s like a snow balling affect. A few years ago we had a underground power line explode in my neighborhood. Power was out for 2.5 weeks before they could even run a temp power line. I can tell you, the tensions were higher then the political climate now. People were destroying generators with sledge hammers or stealing them and cutting the spark plug wire. This was in dead of summer 110 degrees plus. It was 2 months before they line was fully repaired. Repairs just don’t move fast as we wish they do.

Sure some Americans are motivated to work their asses off. But the majority isn’t. Not even in a time of need. Farmers, a very tiny handful still have mechanical tow behind horse machinery, but most have (including my uncle) tech driven farming equipment. Sure get out hand tools to harvest 500+ acers of wheat and thrash it by hand. Yeah not going to happen lol.

I’m not trying to blow this out of proportion, but to consider it a threat as well and not blow it off. Right now the sun isn’t to happy and shooting CME’s off left right and center. Combine that with earths weakened magnetosphere and it’s just shaking hands with danger.

I’m stepping off my soap box now. Just my .02 cents worth.

Earlier in this thread I posted links to a guy that actually tests effects of man made EMP’s.


This is one of the most comprehensive books on EMP’s I’ve read. He speaks with leading experts on the subject and finding of our governments EMP commission. Worth reading if you haven’t already.


This is a fact. The sun is being monitored.
May 2021
A couple of these C and M-class solar flares were eruptive and produced coronal mass ejections which could have an earth-directed component.

Nothing we can do but if concerned prepare accordingly. If strong enough a power outage of some degree, maybe minor maybe not.


Talking about Gold and silver, we are sitting pretty good on precious metals. We bought awhile back and probably should have sold and took the money (we are up pretty good), but with times like they are… we bought a little more recently, even though the price is up there.
Shipping container house? 40 years ago, my dad had the idea of taking refer trailers and connecting them side by side. They are pretty well insulated, then if you added more foam board on the outside before you sided it, it should be really well insulated. You can buy them cheap when the running gear and thermal unit are pretty much shot.
Housing. Well the last time they were borrowing to anyone and everyone before the bubble and that did not help. We have a place around here that is building smaller homes and really close together. I said to the wife, that I do not know how well that is going to go over, because the only people that are going to be ok with that are young people that can not afford anything else or old people that do not want to take care of a big yard. It is also across the street from law enforcement, so I do not know how well young people are going to like that. I was saying that really limits your potential buyers (the size of the house and yards). It would have gone over great a few years ago however.
Throw in the fact that these places are being built now, with the cost of materials and I just do not see it going over well or being a money maker. The people building it seem to have a ton of money, so they must know something about something, but I have been into real estate (building, flipping, the rise and fall of the market) for most of my life and I wish them luck, but I just do not see what they see.
Economy, recession, depression. I don’t know. I know that the trick is to hold on to what you have. Sometimes you are on offense and sometimes on defense. We are sitting really really well and are grateful for it. Every thing is paid for. The house needed some work when we bought it and we have been doing it ourselves, which takes time when you get older, but it is ok. The big projects got put on hold and I have been taken care of little stuff that does not cost as much, but is still improving the place and upping the value. The good news right now is lot’s of places are hiring. Watch the job numbers/unemployment closely!!! It will basically be to late by then and you should have been paying down or been a payment or two ahead already, but if the job numbers start to tank, we have reached the top of the hill on a roller coaster and we are going over.
It is not a good time to switch jobs or start a business. Low man on the pole almost always gets laid off first.
Like I said it really just a good time to be thankful for what one has and or trying to shore things up so as to be able to weather the storm should it come.
Good news? We should always finish with good news. It goes up, it goes down. Been that way for a long time and we are all still here. We will survive this as well. As the saying goes life is like a heartbeat monitor, up and down, if it wasn’t you would be dead.


Preparation: Love the subject.

Being prepared for any situation and having a plan is a good idea.
Having many plans for different scenarios is even a better option.

But always remember!!!

Larry :innocent:
Always having fun. :wink:


Opsec is key. When we do our prepping runs we always unload at night. Or anything we don’t want nosey neighbors to see. Also don’t talk much about it either. I’ll feel people out with leading questions, but haven’t found anyone who shares like ideas.

When we did the water barrels, that was a chore. Same thing with all the wood, for the coup and misc stuff. It’s also hard to keep it away from visitors to the house. Because we don’t want the hood to know about the chickens we don’t invite many people inside anymore.

I’m more worried about CME’s then EMP’s at the moment, we’ve been hit with 3 mild ones already and the sun is only starting to wake up. A few weeks ago we missed some wild CME’s, luckily they shot off away from earth.


When the Z day will come, eventually the gangs will go door to door for something to eat. If not chickens, then you will do.
Ah, and all the gold and silver won’t value jack. Because you can’t eat it and you can’t kill your food with it either.
Probably the best prepared are the guys with crossbows and lots of reusable bolts?

Recommend the book World War Z. Not the movie, that’s garbage.
Imagine that “zombie virus” is a COVID19 on steroids, something like Ebola…


WWZ is a great book! Movie was complete garbage. Zombie Survival Guide is also a good read! No place is safe, only safer.

I used to have the same outlook on metals, but that changed years ago. No matter what there will be a sort of trade or value to things. Sure I can’t eat it but I can trade for what I need.

Regarding door to door stuff, not posting what my plans are online for that lol.

For now, I’m just getting as ready as I can and watching the SHTF from afar.


Moat with alligators :laughing:


Father was electrician for pretty much his entire life. Showed him this video and asked him about the validity of it. He said that the guy is correct pretty much all the way. Of course he’s selling his own ferrites , but he admits that there’s no point to try to sell you a whole house SPD.
Overall a good basic over view of the sequence of events that occurs in the system during an EMP and steps to protect the house.

However, I share the same view as phuzzy above a bit. I’ve spent a good amount of time on NPP cooling lakes to say that yes, anyone with a high power rifle and good optics can cause just as much damage to “society”. Same for pumping stations. Most of the ones around here have a padlock and chain link fence to guard them. Electrical transmission towers are also highly vulnerable to any idiot who can mix iron and aluminum properly for a nice little cutting job.
The extreme voltage transformers (20 something I think) scattered across the country are also only made (at least imported from) Germany and S. Korea.
EMPs are also an unspoken reason for moving server farms and “data depots” underwater. Sure, cooling is the big play, but let’s not forget the EMP is a greatly attenuated by just a few tens of feet of water.


some more reading material that may come in handy…



Here is some publicly accessible information about that:
High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) Effects and Protection | WBDG - Whole Building Design Guide