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EMP Apocalypse Preparation

Many of you have prepared for various worst case scenarios including civil breakdown, electrical grid failure, etc. I am not as prepared as I should be but am better prepared than most.

I recently read a fiction book about life after an EMP attack (One Second After) and it got me thinking about my firearm electronics. Clearly, red dots and other electronic optics will be useless after an EMP. Sights/scopes with an engraved reticle should still work but without illumination. Alternatives like the SeeAll also would function but that sight has a problem when shooting from a dimly lit location. So it looks like iron sights or traditional scopes will be the most viable option. All but one of my firearms has backup iron sights and I am thinking I need to address that one exception.

Of course, other electronics would also be useless. Lasers would no longer function. Most modern rail mounted flashlights have integrated circuitry and also would fail. We probably need a simple, traditional flashlight that could be substituted. Does anyone make such a light?

These are just some random thoughts of mine. I would love to hear any thoughts you may have on the subject.


Follow up question. The firearm that needs iron sights is a Diamondback AR with pic rail. The sights can be installed on the top rail and there is no need to offset them.
I want folding sights and would prefer a ghost ring type rear sight. Any suggestions – especially reasonably priced options?


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Thanks Buck. That gives me a good idea of what is available and at what price.


I always do BUIS checked a bunch. dont like poly sights.just a Me thing,was doing TROY but i was enlightened on their history. made em a NO for me.
ive used the True BUIS sampson on a couple. tough as they come.


Good reads here for prevention strategies.



This is a good reason to keep’m safe’d. I expect your safe will function as a Faraday Cage.

Edit to add the result of my shallow curiosity dive:

Not discussed is the locking controls. I say score a grand slam for old fashioned mechanical locks. It ain’t hard to bust into a safe with -power- tools. But, I bet it sucks with hand tools. Plus I gave away my human powered drill 40 years ago. Yeah … cutting in with gas is an option for those of us willing to sac the plastic fantastics.


Look up making a Faraday Cage for all electronics, easy to make & inexpensive using a large metal garbage trash can & ground it to a separate ground rod.


@JoeFridaySays dang hadn’t thought about gun electronics red dots and all


As @GOBLIN stated some don’t like to deal with Troy but they do make good stuff. All the AR’s i’ve built have Troy uppers and they all have the Troy folding battle sights on them as backup sights.
@JoeFridaySays, One Second After is the book that led me down the rabbit hole of TEOTWAWKI books. Have well over 200 of that type audiobooks in my phone.
As for your safe acting as a faraday cage, an easy way to check if your safe offers any protection is stick your cell phone in your safe, close it up and call it. If you hear it ringing, it probably is not going to give you any EMP protection.


“One Second After” was written here in Black Mountain.
Wonder where they got the idea from? :face_with_monocle::scream::sunglasses::boom::boom::boom:


Line it with copper screen /Mesh . the safe. around the door gap strips of copper mesh that open with the door.
just like building a "black"room. used to do it for degassusing rooms. no signal phone,wifi,radio, pulse can get thru it. played this game before.


As to cheap fold-up sights-stay away from the el cheapos on flea bay. I was lucky enough that the seller agreed to take his junk back for a full refund. They might look like Mag-Pul knock offs but they are pure junk! Trust me on this.


EMP Myths and Facts: :zap::face_with_monocle::zap:


Great discussion! I’m not at all surprised that some of you already have given this a good deal of thought. So, here is a related question.

Most of us are unlikely for various reasons to build or own a room sized Faraday Cage. We will probably have at most something the size of a gun safe or trash can. Recognizing just how many “essentials” are EMP sensitive, what do we keep in the cage? Obviously, there is little point in wasting space on something that requires external infrastructure that may no longer exist so what should be on the list? If you own ham equipment, that choice is obvious but what other items will be useful or important to protect?

While not directly related to EMP, I also am concerned about certain medical conditions that require constant medication for survival. This would include insulin dependent diabetes and several forms of cardiovascular disease. Prescription medications are difficult, if not impossible to stockpile.


@JoeFridaySays, Another good book that is more of a research type book is called “Lights Out” by Ted Koppel. It gets into the real “what ifs” of an EMP attack and the findings of the EMP Commission. This book is more fact than fiction.


@JoeFridaySays continue reading his other 2 books in that series, One Year After and The Final Day. Good reads and my favorite shtf book series.

Now as for emp’s don’t just think man made too, our sun has been pretty pissed and we have been lucky to miss some nasty CME’s lately (one brushed us a week or 2 ago). CME’s are 10x worse then anything man made. Add that our magnetosphere is really weak, a pole flip and it’s meaning if we get hit directly with a medium to small cme we are done, like in mass extinction event due to the radiation.

Anyways, when it comes to electronics for optics I ALWAYS opt for dual illumination, yes expensive but if a emp/cme hits you’ll still have a working optic. My acog has zero electronics and tritium, red dot is batt + solar (in a faraday container). All irons on every gun I have, and shoot with them! Know how to use them. If you can add tritium sight posts.

As for a faraday container, we built one using a all metal trashcan, sealed the seams with conductive copper tape, lined the insides with closed cell foam and added a emp gasket to the lid. We have tested it the best we can with what we have. It cost around 80 bucks give or take a few.

Also we have some of the travel mission darkness faraday bags, for smaller electronics we use frequently.

Don’t forget to put the CHARGERS for said electronics inside as well as they are all electronically controlled. Buy 2 sets of each flashlight if you got the coin and toss the extras in the container as well. We have a back up solar panel set up and all of the sensitive electronics in the container.

I was going to emp back up my 4runner, but the sheer cost of buying spare electronics to swap All fried components would be insane! So we’re currently investing is alternate transport. Bycycles, I ride a lot, but I can only carry so much, so I’m looking for a trike. Have a cart to hack up to make into a trailer said trike can tow.

My take regarding vehicles if a emp/cme happens is this: I don’t want to be in one. You do not believe how quiet it will get when everything stops. He mentions it in one second after. Last thing you want to be in is a vehicle that everyone can hear for miles. On top most gas stations are in populated areas, you would be a sitting duck pumping gas from the underground tanks. But if your in the boonies a vehicle might just work. Now granted all cars won’t stop, there are plenty out there that are not electronicly controlled. But if it’s a cme, that will fry the dizzy. And maybe even the wiring in the cars themselves.

As for the “wire in emp protection”, I don’t buy it. That device would have to be on every piece of sensitive equipment. Look at it this way, you have miles of wiring in your car, EACH wire acts like an antenna. Those wires are all connected to various junctions, splices and modules. A device wired into one wire won’t protect the entire car. Same thing with your home, but they can carry much more current (bigger guage).

What hardening I have seen in early hmmvs is interesting, kind of like a ground plane. I can’t quite wrap my head around how it quite works. But still that isn’t guaranteed to work either.

Holy snap I have rambled on. Also last note, don’t forget about your safe key pad :wink:.

Check out Suspicious0bserver’s YouTube channel. He does daily sun activity reports, make you oh snap a few times lol. Watch his long 12,000 year cycle series it’s good.

Also here is EmpDoctor. He legit tests stuff. But to my knolege only for EMP’s not CME’s.

I’ll also throw in dutchsince, he does earthquakes, but our atmosphere plays a part in earthquakes (magnetosphere). So it’s good to watch that stuff.


The Trijicon RMR dual illumination used fiber optic and tritium, no electronics.


so does the Trijicon Reflex RX30


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I hear there’s gonna be a shortage on aluminum foil next…:scream:
anyone know where to get real tin foil?:sunglasses::zap::zap::zap:

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