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EDC/CCW, how often do you clean?

Just curious how often others are cleaning their EDC/CCW handgun. For me it’s a nightly wipe down/inspection followed up by a weekly deep clean and lube. Unless I visit the range, then it’s cleaned afterward regardless how many rounds fired. Ten or one hundred, it gets a full deep clean/lube. I rotate magazines weekly and they get a break down and cleaning monthly. Ammo is inspected and wiped down at each weekly mag swap.


Festus you the man:


That habit has got to have something to do with the water out there. :grinning:

I thought I had OCD :wink:


PS but not to be a dip stick out here it the mountains to answer your question.
Only after shooting but I do visually inspect them.
I have about 7 or 8 laying around to be accessible.


I usually do a quick inspection daily, and every 2 days I run a bore snake through to remove lint/dust/other junk. Wipe down metal parts with light oil. Deep clean after shooting it.


Visual and function check every time i grab an EDC, only wipedown of dust an stuff about once per week. Full deep cleans only after range time, or whenever i get bored, unless im going right back to the range.


@Festus reading your post brother and thinking it out absolutely wore me out lol I’m with @Stircrayzy visual every time I pick it up and a dust once a week truly only clean it after shooting it


Hold on you mean I got to clean the darn things. I do function check and visual inspection of gun and ammo everyday before carrying. Ill wipe everything down if dusty or dirty. And do a good field strip cleaning once a week followed by a deep complete disassembly cleaning once a month. But i do have a few guns that run better when there a lil grimy.


I pack mine in cosmoline every night. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Arrow Now that’s seriously HOOAH!!! :crazy_face:


With my Glock 43 I usually wait until the entire rack is full. It saves on water.


it gets released out of condition 1, mag removed, round ejected and wiped down every night, then reloaded and back into condition 1 +1 field stripped and wiped down every Sunday.
chocolates ,a card and a rose on our anniversary.I even take it out to dinner every now and again. and get it a new holster when its old clothes get to shabby. Had that Springfield longer than 2 X wives i have.


I have several pistols that I carry. I clean them when I think they need it.
I don’t carry any pistol that I’ve had apart until I shoot it, for function test. Same with competition guns.
Hunting guns get cleaned at end of season, and before season, a couple of fouling shots downrange, and a 5 shot group at 200 yards to verify zero.


As a good Maribe, my weapons get a thorough cleaning after every range visit. Awaiting my CCW from Illinois but I’ll probably do like you. Cleaning once a week.


A solid wipe, swab and lube weekly. Ammo so expensive I forgot what spent rounds smell like!


@Festus Wow, I feel like I am neglecting my EDC now. I like to see how much lint my pocket carry can collect before cleaning LOL. Easy now; just kidding.


Ill burn some brass for ya this weekend …

When i was younger, it was was “pour some on the curb for my homie that couldnt be with us”, so the sentiment is familiar.

My boot gun gets a weekly “blow down”… lint. Out side of that, visual inspection and a monthly (general) clean.


Thanks…good looking out …wish I could, sitting on xx amount of rounds- feel like we may actually need them at some point soon.

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Been debating whether or not to answer this’n.

Truth: As infrequently as possible. My life goal is to clean my firearms either just-in-time or before-it’s-too-late.

I ain’t never gonna be sure I got my toes all the way up to my line. And, if I find out I crossed it here’s hoping I ain’t alone.

This means the muzzle gets wiped down after it is shot. Lube is added when the action feels less than slick. Full blown deep cleans last a heck of a long time.

From the sound of y’alls routines, my carry pieces are handled much less frequently. Mine generally don’t clear a holster until I swap carries. And chambered rounds stay chambered until I have a really good reason to clear (read as make useless) a pistol. This is largely do to fun with setback from the past - I’ll always be thankful that Dan Wesson proofed my old vbob. Years back, I was in the habit of unchambering and rechambering. I decided to verify my defensive mag at the range. Shot #1 was … different as in louder and violent enough that I pulled the next round from the chamber. That round was setback enough that I could detect it across a room. That’s when I cancelled my habit of letting the chamber round and mag top round swap back and forth more than a couple times. And I always watch for setback when building my carry condition.

I do have one firearm that I don’t recall EVER cleaning. I don’t recall a single failure. And, to be fair, it’s been at least 25 years since she last got the cobwebs blown. She is my Glenfield 25.


3 reasons i do mine a lot #1 .enviornment . Hot and wet. today it got to 69. 100% humidity thunder boomers tonight,80 and rainy tomorrow. since i run shoulder holster only, you put sweat in that mix always wearing a loose shirt to conceal. rust never ever sleeps here. That will change when i get moved back up to high country. :smiling_imp:
#2 contact. i primarily run a 1911 in condition 1 in the shoulder rig for right side. or the Makarov. the left side i run a long slide 1911, HK USP45 or the FN 5.7.
as the 1911s are at condition 1 and the MAK has a gap hammer down in safe, all that naval lint from the inside of the shirt sweatshirt or vest, collects in the open slots. if i left it 2 days it would be packed. Open carry would fix this situation.
#3 . My OCD. you know the guy that goes to the range, fires off 2 or 3 magazines out of a AR and as soon he gets home, tears down to clean, including the BCG, then once cleaned takes outside, pops off 2 rounds to check function, runs a bore snake, and wipes down one more time.
thats me.
im even worse with lever actions.
and i know its a issue. but i cant sleep if i know i got a dirty firearm,dull knife,or nasty boots. my main three places im picky. besides a deep fat fryer but we wont go there.
comes from spending to much time alone or just with a kid.
girl friend has promised me that she will keep my hands busy elsewhere when i get moved up to WV :crazy_face: :smiling_imp:


Well, it depends. I guess as much as makes a person comfortable, and confident in their equipment. Ask 20 people, and you’ll get 20 answers. Also depends on weather, style of carry expected use, etc.

The bigger problem I see here in the dry, dusty West, is over-lubrication. (Of course, rust is almost never a problem.) Just get some fine dust mixed in with too much oil, and you’ve got a mess - sometimes parts refuse to move. After cleaning, I use a Q-tip to swipe a thin layer of oil on parts that rub together and that’s usually enough.

I sent a used 226 in to Sig to have pins and springs replaced as one of their maintenance specials, and it came back from Sig with a crazy amount of lube squirted into the frame. It’s not a 1911, so I couldn’t just break it down and wipe it out. What a mess. I guess even Sig will sub lube for actual repairs you pay for. That’s like the people who are taught that more lube is a sub for cleaning.