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Ear Protection - Thin Profile?

okay evabody - here is (hears?) my next question for y’all. What earmuffs have the thinnest profile at the bottom? I’m having a real problem with the right muff sliding up when I get a good cheek-weld on my AR15 carbine. The muff slides up, the muzzle blasts deafen me and then my wife thinks I’m ignoring her when I can’t hear her nagging me…

Should I got with ear plugs or some other alternative instead? The earplugs dont seem to do a good job. I have tinnitus real bad too.


@A-Argh15 I had the same problem with over the ear muffs when shooting rifles and had to go to in the ear buds. I don’t think it matters how thin the muffs are, they still go over the ear and will have a bottom to them which the stock pushes up on.


My goto is a set of Walker XV BTs. In ear protection that fits properly is more protective than over ear muffs.

I only keep the muffs for the rare opportunity best served by both. You never know when you’ll get offered a go with a 50.

I did, once, shoot at a range that required muffs. Turns out their rationale was 'cause they were easier for the RSO watching monitors to verify. It was 100 yards indoor so I shook the RSOs hand and explained my ear pro before being allowed to shoot without muffs.


@A-Argh15 Take a look at

Decibullz - Custom Molded Earplugs, 31dB Highest NRR, Comfortable Hearing Protection for Shooting, Travel, Swimming, Work and Concerts

Very good at protecting your hearing and very quite.


I agree with all the above, ear plugs of some sort will be necessary for certain firearms such as the sub2000, I can’t keep my muffs on when firing the s2k cause it rides up, I just use some standard plugs from work and I never had any issues, I’m sure there are better ones but it’s the same ones I used to ride my r6 with cat eliminated and just a m4 exhaust, extremely loud when at highway speeds or carving the mountains especially with echo.

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These Decibullz look like the deal for me man! Just wandered over to their website, signed up for a special event notice, something on 10/16/18. See what that’s about before I drop $25 bucks for a pair.