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Dust Cover Hack

All Things SUB-2000!

When I purchased the Dust Cover (part# SUB2K-235) I found out that it does not just simply pull out. You have to have the cover in place when folded in half, and when you open the S2K the dust cover pops out. And it really flies away! Not good at the range.
So I made a very cheap hack by screwing a small metal eyelid into the dust cover, attached some parachord, and then attached to a spring loaded clip. 13.5 inches apart.

Then I can clip the dust cover to the stock…

Or clip to the sling…

Or clip to the sling mount…

Then you can leave it dangle or disconnect and put in your pocket.



This was covered back in Nov. 2018 under Kel Tec Sub2000 Dust Cover topic but good to hear you figured something out. Also with cover in place just lift on the trigger guard a tad and take cover off before you open S2K so it won’t go flyin.2f8365a08608ec9420d6b49c93cdde28fa28b635_2_690x388 e1d713e82ea851c56acf224e144b957eeee999b0_2_690x388