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Dry Fire Systems

I’ve been seeing more and more ads for dry fire systems such as Stikeman and MantisX, anyone have any experience with these systems or other systems? Thoughts?


@ragnar Welcome aboard. There are a few here using them, I’m sure they’ll pipe up soon. We also have a Digital Division in our monthly match series, feel free to join us. Either digitally or live fire.


Hi Ragnar and welcome.
I have used a friends Mantis X and it’s pretty cool. Didn’t help me any but it was someone else’s and I didn’t get to use it much.


@ragnar welcome aboard. I’m using the g-sight laser fire trainer. I like it a bit. I also use co2 airsoft pistols for more of a real feeling. Ammo is still to expensive around here. So these help me stay in the game.


Thank you all! This is helpful.


@ragnar Hey Tom. Are you looking for a dry fire system for the firearms you own, or a stand alone system? I have the GSight laser and app for my Glock 9mm’s. But I am considering a SIRT that is more realistic than me having to rack the slide every shot. I also want something with blow-back capabilities and can NEVER be modified to to fire live rounds.


First off your handle is awesome, I could identify as a TexasEskimo! :rofl:

I was looking for something to use with all of my firearms, however, I too do not want to rack the slide every shot. I’ve not shot for a while, although I have a ton of experience - this said, technology has brought so much into the training arena that I really want to do my best on learning what options are out there before investing.


@ragnar I have several dry fire training “tools”… none of them provide a “realistic” experience with my firearms. One example is the Glock e-trainer…

Nice to not have to rack the slide for each trigger pull, but not compatible with my laser bullets. And… no blow back.

If you are an inventor… solve this issue and you can retire. Lol.


Air soft and BB guns may provide the feedback you’re looking for. For example, Sig offers BB pistols of some of their more popular handguns…

SIG SAUER P365 BB gun | SIG SAUER P365 Air Pistol Replica

Other models are available.


I use the MantisX, the MantisX Laser Academy, and the iTarget Pro. The iTarget Pro is probably my favorite. Great, easy app to use. I also have these to put in the magazine to keep the slide from locking back. You can find these for different calibers. https://www.amazon.com/Rogers-Shooting-School-10-Pack/dp/B087D7TV6D/ref=pd_sbs_3/131-9545988-5916802?pd_rd_w=LtsQ1&pf_rd_p=0f56f70f-21e6-4d11-bb4a-bcdb928a3c5a&pf_rd_r=XJGXZ4DA101NYJPY5VJJ&pd_rd_r=11cf4089-93d9-47a1-b45b-b98e808a8f07&pd_rd_wg=RCi1F&pd_rd_i=B087D7TV6D&psc=1


If you own an AR15, MantisX sells a product called the Blackbeard. You remove the bolt carrier group and changing handle, place in the Blackbeard laser, then insert the battery pack, which goes where the magazine goes. Every time you pull the trigger, the laser fires and the trigger resets, so you can practice rapid fire laser target practice with ease. Works great!