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Drum Magagazine

Geezeroid (old pain in the a—) I was just wondering if any one has seen a drum mag for a .40 ca.?All Things SUB-2000!

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@geezeroid I have seen a drum for .40 sold at a gun show over the winter, they were $80-$90 and were made in China. I don’t remember how many rounds it held but the amount of time to load and the weight of it once loaded really kept me away plus it was “Made in China”.

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I got this specifically for my S2K a few weeks ago but haven’t used it yet. They’re not easy to find but when I finally sourced this one the guy seemed to have several. I paid about $70 for it. It’s made in Korea and has good revues. Ships from SC if I remember correctly. If you’re interested I’ll dig out the info of where I got it.


@Dockmarlin Ok, thats the one I saw at the gun show so Made in Korea and 50 rds. Looked interesting but didn’t want to take the chance or add the weight.

Yeah, I didn’t consider the weight before i bought it. It’s appears to be pretty beefy and it weighs 22.3oz empty and about 3 lbs, 5oz loaded. I’ll try it out this wknd now that I’ve finally got all my M*CARBO upgrades installed.


@Dockmarlin Believe me I was very close to buying one just because I’ve never seen a .40 drum, Please post your feedback once you try it, thank you.

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@Dave67 No problem, will do

Why yes, I would like to know where you got it. Your response is muchly appreciated. Geezeroid

I like the drum myself I was at a gun show wish I’d have bought it when I was there

This is where I bought mine. Hope it works out for you. Shipping was fast for mine. Shipped Priority mail IIRC.

Here ya go…

Well, it just goes to show you, ya never know what you’ll find at 2:30 in the morning that you had no idea that you needed but had to have!!


I think I just bought the last 9mm drum available??

Looks like Buds Gun Shop is the only other place with 9mm drums available. $89.99

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Keep an eye on the sight of the link provided. I seen the .40 s&w drums on there a couple of months ago for $30 w/o shipping.

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Bought a 9mm drum in February at a gun show in Central Pa. Holds 50 rounds and runs fine in the SK2. Paid $65.00.


Thanks for your response. Got a few gun shows here–Will check.

Thanks. Will take a look. Wonder if they make wheels for these things?

Roger “made in China”

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I’m waiting for black dog machine LLC to release this beast.

77rd drum mag


They are :poop:

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