Drive-By Hawg Swattin'!


FWIW, I despise feral hogs with a passion! They are hands down THE most destructive animal on planet Earth! But this looks to be lot’s o’ fun and put quite a grin on my ugly mug! And hogs are downright tasty when properly marinated and grilled over mesquite charcoal!

a warning to the squeamish-watch at yer own risk:

The vid was filmed in Texas but is from this article in this month’s GON magazine-Georgia Outdoor News-a really neat fishing, hunting and related outdoor activities magazine that’s been around for quite a while. . Enjoy!


here in rural SC, they still hunt em up in the swamps off the wadmacaww, by horseback, with a fir lance. finish weapon being a knife or “pig sticker” lot of russian wildboar/feral crossses round these parts, they halfway decent to eat if you live catch with catch dawgs, cut em, penem for a couple months to build some fat, kill round the first frost. if youve never seen a good set of pitt’s work a hawg, you dont know what yer missing…


our current resident hawg dog (Catahoula Leopard mixed with pit), he ain’t caught any yet but he really wants to get a-hold of one!



thats a beautiful catahoula /pitt big feet, how wide thru the chest? how old now? almost time to trap a shoat and roll em, see if hes a neck or a leg dog…


He’s about a year and a half now but he’s mighty hard-headed (he takes after his ma-LOL!) Smart as a whip but can be but right uppity when he wants. Ever had a dog back talk ya? Ha! This one will if you tell him no! He’ll act like he’s yawning but he’ll throw in some weird noises in with it, too! Nothing mean or like that-he just hates to be told no! (exactly like his ma!). Wish we could get him trained right but I ain’t the hunter I used to be and don’t know many folks around here that could do it. He reminds me a lot of a Schipperke I had years ago. I never cared for small dogs-at all-'till I got him. Best dog I ever had. Sadly, he developed epilepsy and when the meds stopped working, that was that…


thats gettin harder and harder to find, a good dog-man. thats a fact. Had 1 talker he would chew and moan till ya let him run… 95lbs of hell in the field. pure pitt, old breed out of Tant’s line. tiger brindle. Karkeajov was his name. only dog i ever had, out of more than a few, had a pet cat. white, deaf as a stone,slept with him, ate out of the same bowl. Lost him at 17, old for a pitt, but he would still slam that shoulder in to his last…that cat, simply vanished the day he passed. never got another bull after. everything woulda been compared, and that just aint right.



He sounds like he was a once-in-a-lifetime dog! Not many folks are as lucky as you to have one like that. And most ain’t got enough appreciation in 'em to know when they got a good dog…
Speaking of, and ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this(I still don’t!) but guess what showed up on our doorstep last night? She (but of course, it HAD to be a she!) looks to be about a 4 month old gray & gold brindle Catahoula! Got dark blue eyes and about the biggest feets I have ever seen on a pup! And they’re webbed about like a duck’s, too! Ill try and get some pics tomorrow.
I need another dog about like I need another hole in my head! Sweet little dog and so ugly she’s right cute and is about as stubborn as all them Catahoulas. We’re gonna check around with all the neighbors and hang out a few ‘found dog’ signs-maybe they’ll be a reward for her sorry butt!?! I hope it’s a big reward or I dunno if the wife will turn her loose-lol!


hard to say no to a walk right in and set for supper catahoula, thats for sure!:+1::+1::+1:



I dunno so much about that! Much like I expected she is indeed, a sho’ 'nuff ‘sooner’! NO housebreaking training whatsoever plus she’s a true chewer. As in anything and EVERYTHING!!!
I detest using a crate but it’s looking like that may have to be utilized whenever we have to leave her. I told the wife today maybe her real owner is may hopefully offering a reward-I’d sure take it and willingly hand her over right about now!


Check that-I’m now ready to pay somebody to take this hellion off my hands!! Anybody want a pit bull puppy? She fears NOTHING!!! (yeah, still trying to find her owner but a neighbor’s kid said he saw another neighbor’s pit draggin’ the ground full of milk a few weeks ago is why we’re thinkin’ she’s more pitt than Catahoula! Her tail ain’t nothing like his-much more straight and a lot thinner, almost rat-like! Plus she;s REALLY been giving him fits!!! Shes just the right height to stay tucked underneath his belly and she knows very well just how to use them puppy teeth! She’s got jaws like a snappin’ turtle and pert near the same kind of disposition when provoked!)


Well thank God-we just found the owner! And just like we thought, her mama is a full blood Pitt and the daddy is half German Shepard and half Pitt. She’s the last one left out of the litter so iff’n y’all want her you best speak up now! If not, the owner will pick her up around noon tomorrow. Had she been housebroke we might well have kept her but we’re too old and got way too much other stuff going on to give her the time she needs.


young pit curr dawgs can be a challenge for sure, had one that ate, bricks, picnic tables, tore doors off outside buildings to see what was in em, tear down/thru a 6 foot chainlink fence to come around to the front door,would steal canned beers and pop holes in em, to drink(nothing as wild as a drunk adolescent pitbull dawg) and even ate a moped he caught once…and that was one dog…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Goblin-I swear, I do believe she was somehow related to yours!

Between not bein’ housebroke and the utter destruction she managed to wage in the few days we had her-I’m missin’ her less by the hour. She’ll make somebody a good dawg someday but… …it won’t be here!