Don't know how I've never heard of the .458 SOCOM but now I really want one

I’m seriously thinking about ordering an upper on Friday. Anyone shoot one? What was it like?

For $270 plus $400 in ammo (roughly $2/round) this could be… Fun


I have a 450 Bushmaster. It fits a specific use. If I were to start over, 458 Socom it would be. Shoots like a 20ga semi.


My .458 is a BCA upper with new internals on a Sharps Bros lower:

Also got some .458 followers inside some 40 rd. pmags giving me 14 ways to Fvck something/someone up in a real bad way :grin:


I was wondering about the kick. Figured it would be like my 12ga bullpup semi auto. First time I rapid fired it I didn’t lean in enough and it pushed me back 3’ and left a hell of a bruise. Totally worth it.

Its not that I need one. I don’t even hunt anything but paper but damn if it doesn’t sound fun!

Now don’t order yours until Saturday because I want to order mine Friday and make sure it’s in stock!

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With a little work, it is as precise as any bottle neck cartridge. My 450 is a pistol with short buffer. Looks like a storm trooper blaster with iron sights. More accurate than my full size 9mm pistol when shooting them at arms length. Muzzle flash is awesome with it. A long barrel 458 or 450 would do anything a 45-70 does.


If you are using a gas system shotgun, I would concur. Trap loads. Or maybe an AR10 or FAL. Less recoil than a HK G3 though. G3 kicks like a lightweight bolt gun, works like an auto


I know we’re not supposed to post porn here but…

That’ll wreck a shoulder!


My bullpup is gas. And it hurts! Lol

I had a 6" diameter bruise after unloading 10 slug as fast as possible and I’m just about impossible to bruise! Can’t even recall another time I bruised. Literally. Maybe one time when I broke a toe but that was a small one.

Damn I really want this thing. And a friend just bought a big farm nearby… Add some Tannerite and some distance…

I’ll get video. Promise.


There are many options for stocks that can help with the shoulder interface. My 450 Bushmaster has a 4” buffer tube and no viable way to lean against it. It is easier than my friend’s 460 s&w. It also weighs less than his big revolver. If you wear hearing protection, a muzzle brake would also lessen the recoil. Witt Machine makes some you could even add to your shotty. Tromix did the lion share to get the 458 to viability. You should peruse their website. I did a lot of research before choosing the 450 for my project. I chose it for some external reasons. If I were doing anything else I would have picked the 458 Socom.

Oh I’ll definitely put a brake on it! No doubt there!

Never thought about doing that with my shotgun though…

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I reload with the slowest powders that work in my situation. That is to include shotgun. It changes the recoil impulse and your shoulder will thank you. I have a 4.5pound 12 gauge rifled slug gun. My kids started shooting it around 6 years of age due to its light recoil. All due to the choice of powder, buffer and a firm hold on the stock.


Gonna need to buy more rounds…

Bought an upper. Complete except for the sights. I have a mid grade red dot I’ll slap on it and try it out.

Big gun show in Harrisburg PA going on if anyone is interested. Continues through next Sunday.


Got home and slapped it together. Feels good.


Sling some lead and give us a review!


That’s the plan.

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Kicks like a 12 ga without a brake. Probably break a shoulder without one. Big holes are SOCOM. Small are .223


Not a bad lookin’ little shooter ya got there, it looks “handy” and I appreciate that attribute.


Now that I’m sitting down I can give an actual review.

First off two hours after shooting my bicept hurts. Probably because you need a proper foregrip on it to hold it tight against your shoulder. I have one coming in.

She kicks every bit as hard as my 12ga bullpup. That said she’s very consistent in the groupings. The movement on the target was me adjusting my crappy red dot. I wanted to shoot it before deciding on a proper optic. I think it’s perfect for a 1-6x scope.

So foregrip and a scope.

Now I did have two light fires. Might be just needing the break things in. We’ll see.

Overall BIG BOOM. A most excellent remote hole maker. Its not a precision round but I’m pretty darn sure anything it hits will definitely notice it.


I’m loading the 300gr Barns TTSX for mine, right at 1800 fps. 100 yard zero 1.7 mill drop at 200yards, really nice groups. Excellent feeding.

Have the Viper PST on it.

Aero lower Tromix upper. 14-1/2" w/ pinned comp.

I know I’ve posted some of this before…