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DOGS: Training Man’s Best Friend

This was a female Golden Retriever that I adopted from a neighbor when she was 3 1/2 years old. I was not even looking for a dog but I felt

it was meant to be. I had her for 9 1/2 years before I had to have her put down, she was 13 yrs. old. In a period of less than a year she had developed a cancerous tumor on her back the size of a volleyball, she was in so much pain. Her name was Tinky and she was the absolute best companion I have ever had.


I’ve Had 2 Airdales and a lab that all died from cancer’ 4yr old 7 yr old and a 10 yr old ! And yes they were all better Companions than either of my last 2 X’s Does make you wonder what they really are putting in dog food these past years.


I also had a male Black Labrador Retriever growing up. His name was Beau and he developed tumors on his chest that made it difficult for him to breath. We had to have him put down, he was 13 yrs. old. He loved playing fetch with lacrosse balls and was awesome at catching a Frisbee.


well done Gene!!! I live 120 miles east of Boise.
I’m very happy they got an opportunity to be representatives from my native Idaho, with a fine and worthy life in Texas.

My Lakeland Terrier Blitz and Mini Schnauzer Baker performing best dog trick ever: synchronized poopage on command💩


Hoot … mine go on command as well. I NEVER forgot Burt Reynolds commanding his horse to kaka on the hood of a police car.


Stupid as a brick, but has me trained very well


When I finally move I ll get a new mans best friend but I want a large breed dog

This is my rescue Husky mix Spooky. I’ve had him almost 9 months. Super smart and my best bud!


my boys 3 Aussie kelpie on the back of a mob of Angus cattle very smart and hardworking dogs


maybe a bit better photo

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There are Aussie Shepherd clubs in the states that would pay you royally to use your cattle to train/compete their dogs with…:+1:

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I have a little pit bull named Stonewall Jackson


Training working dogs is my thing as a stockman on a station a good team of dogs is the key to success hear is some advice if interested.

  1. The key to a good dog is trust, love and respect if that bond is not formed a dog is extremely hard to train. This all comes back to how the dogs are treated my there owner if the owner is an arsehole to the dog why would the dog listen to it’s owner it all starts with bonding with your dog and getting that trust, love and respect between you and your dog/dogs.

  2. get puppies going at 7 or 8 weeks old introduce them to pen activities in yards daily with sheep some people will start kelpie on chickens. These sessions must be short in duration 30mins max and be a high energy really fun time for a puppy. This means puppy must have fun as it becomes a game for the puppy that working stock is fun and this is how you train interest into a puppy and give rewards for effort I believe affection is a better reward than edible treats as this helps with the trust, love and respect bond that must be maintained as in any relationship.

  3. You must be able to see and recognise each dogs strengths and weaknesses and encouraging and building on there strengths is essential to train a good working dog. I have found that to start with do not put a young puppy in situations it will struggle in as a negative experience is not a fun time as a young puppy can put them off working. I have also found it better to give them time out as a punishment not a beating as some people do. This way all the puppy wants to do is get back in the game not getting fear for there owner.

I will continue putting posts on training working dogs if people are interested


Well Put Together and Spoken! I was Fortunate enough to be unemployed at the time I got my first lab puppy to train for Hunting and Field Trial Work, I knew I had a keeper when @ 6 weeks he was doing water retrieval of a bumper ! almost had to go in after his tiny ass but he never let go ! From then on I devoted all my daylight hours on Obedience Training, Then the basic’s of gun dog Training, and lot’s of Puppy time,Swim time. Had Many a person say that you can’t make and have a Field Trial Capable dog that lives in the House ! I Disagree at 7 months old ‘‘Onyx’’ was doing Doubles and Triples on water and land with hand signals & Whistles ! He always knew and Believed I would not ! send him on a bad line, and never balk once or quit till the end results were done in the Retrieve. He Always Slept and lived in my house.


What a life’s work to get a dog in shape to work like that! Very interesting to hear. It would be great to see a video of your dogs doing their thing with that cattle. :+1:

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My working dogs live in my house as well i do have kennels and if im going out for the day i will put them in thete but when at home and not working they relax around the house they have a couch they sleep on In my back room. It allcomes back to trust, love and respect for any good dog they must be part of the family

A photo of Ripper relaxing and enjoying the weekend at my house on his day off.


Training working dogs advice cont.
4) utilize a dogs strength as a team of dogs is made up of individuals who all have there own strengths and weaknesses and if you utilize there strengths properly and give praise for good work the others in the group seem to learn and grow in areas that they are weaker in. In the paddock a team of dogs will work together they are fully aware of there role in the pack, the strengths and weaknesses of other members in there pack and they work together this saves a lot of frustrations trying to make a dog into something that it isn,t. An example of this is my best paddock dog Ripper struggles in the yards so I know there is no point getting frustrated with him when trying to work him in the yards so i use other dogs in the yards that are more suited to that role and get my best paddock dog follow there lead by following and his weaknesses in the yards is getting stronger over time as he learns how the stronger dogs in the pack get it done. However in the paddock ripper takes the lead and shows the other dogs how to get it done.

  1. don’t over work your dogs as every 1000 metre you travel forward with stock a dog can travel up to 5000 metres so keep that in mind take time to rest dogs for a drink and it prevents overheating and lathergy. Dogs don’t learn when tired due to overwork and there performance will drop off it is important to know when to stop or rest your dogs if you have overworked them and they are lethargic and don’t want to work it is your fault that they are like this so pull up give them a rest and some water then get back Into it.

  2. feeding is also crucial especially the times of the day you feed your dogs. Mine go to work after a light snack as it’s no good running with a full tummy a dog or puppy would sooner lie down and sleep after a big feed not run a mini marathon so if they dont want to work after a big feed its also your fault so give them a big dinner at the end of the day after they have finished work. High protein diet is essential working dogs are athletes and burn a lot of energy they need to be properly fed or they don’t work

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Thank you. We just lost one of them because of medical issues. She was ‘my’ pup, though, so it still hurts. She had metastatic cancer that we seemed to be controlling fairly well with chemo meds (pills we’d give her every other day), and congestive heart failure, which we were also treating. It seems that pulmonary edema finally caught up with her. She put up a fight, though, and was playing with us just the day before. Good times we’ll certainly miss, as we miss her.

Her ‘crate mate’ from Idaho, though is going strong. She’s the ‘comfy one’, though, so while not all that excited to go chase toys in the yard, she’ll certainly snuggle up with you on the couch.

Our most-recent adoption is sort of taking over where TiGGer left off, but seems to have a switch. She’ll chase toys up to the point she won’t, then it’s off to run after something else. She’s a ton of fun, though.

Not sure how long it will be before we replace TiGGer, though, not that you really can.

The young one:

TiGGer passing the treerat hunting baton:

“Here’s how you do it, kid!”


Im really sorry to hear that. You did everything within your power and like you said, she was playing until the very last.
I had a pair of German short-hair pointers that were the 2 males out of a litter.
Their names were Copernicus (Bernie to all his friends) and Galileo.
They were the two finest friends I have ever been privileged to have in my life.
Bernie died from congestive heart failure. We were in the Nevada desert south of the Idaho border when he started to have problems. We did all we could to get out of the desert, on to U.S. 93, and make as hard of a run for home as I could force my jeep to go.
It was 75-80 miles and as hard as I tried, and as fast as I drove, he just didn’t make it. He was 12.
It was just me and Galileo after that and I had to have him put to sleep when he was just shy of 16.

I will be heartbroken until my very last day.