DOGS: Training Man’s Best Friend


Show off your best friend and how smart they are.


I really enjoy training dogs. This is my personal pup Kona. She’s a Norwegian Elkhound and 6 months old in this video. She just turned one year old on June 14th. She’s trained in verbal commands and non verbal hand signals and were beginning to work off leash drills. She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever worked with and i love her to pieces!

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It is a’lot of fun and Rewards’ I Trained a couple of Field Trial Lab’s and a couple of Airdales.


So was I in Nam in 66’

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Cute ! yea lost my Airdale to Cancer a few years back’ Then I Adopted A Rat dog/ Chihuahua’ From a’’ No Kill Shelter’’ in Tri Cities Washington and flew her up to AK. Her Name Diva’.

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It took me six months’ for the dog not to bite me after my Girl Friend held her on lap from airport
wanted nothing to do with me, She was found in the bad part of LA And the best bear alert dog I’ve ever had! she has never given me a false alarm’ for a little thing it’s a howling bark that sends Shivers down your back.

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I’ve adopted many rescue dogs from the shelters over the years after my last forever pet pasted and I injured my back I have taken a break I’ve been wanting to start up again but these shelter are crazy with adopt fees the same as price for buying a puppy from breeders and I’ve got a fixed income so wanting to start up again is becoming a challenge


Just goofing around with Kona this morning doing some hand signals. The fat chihuahua is Penny. She doesn’t know any commands but she still gets treats :tipping_hand_man:t2:


How True’ And they must first learn The command of (COME) at all times, I would never let her get in close to the bear, She’s just a great Alarm for the sleeping master’s when the Black bear in the Neighbors garbage Again at 2am.:weary:

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Try the Clicker Reward Training on the Chihuahua’ it worked on the Diva dog’ they will come from Far and Near for Dog treats, I was Truly Amazed.

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Our two oldest are rescues from Boise. A breeder dumped them in a shelter there where our SIL was volunteering. They’re standard poodles, and she knew exactly who to call to get these two. After an 11-hour flight from Boise to San Francisco to Atlanta to Houston, they were home.

They know some verbal (I’m pretty sure they just ignore us, mostly) and some hand signals. They all sit with a finger pointed up, know ‘kitchen’, where the treats come from, and ‘bucket-lickings’ which means there’s some dishes that need cleaning in the kitchen. One is very active, chasing her toy Lamb Chop until it gets dark, but the other one is pretty much a ‘comfy pup’. Here’s comfy pup, running, of all things:

Our youngest, an Irish Setter red standard Poodle, was also kind of a rescue. She lived on a small farm, and chased down and killed 40 some odd chicks. We think the owners were ready to get rid of her when we got her. She’s a very active puppy, and like the other active one, understand the term ‘tree-rat’, where you say that word, and they both bolt out the doggie door in mad chase of the thing in the yard.


@DivaMarie penny’s almost 7 and super fat and lazy. I like her just the way she is haha. She’ll be my last chihuahua though. I don’t want another one to remind me of her.


Here’s my 4 yr old Rotty Marcus Aurelius. He’s the biggest sweetest lap dog I know.


I guess I should not Complain Diva’s just hit the15lb mark at Vet’s last week’ She also is 7 and a rescue dog that I got,but I think their is some Grey hound in her, long legged Red Head,


Love the Standard Poodle had a couple when in my youth ,So many years ago’ First dog I took a Obedience Course Training with.

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Yes it was a wood stove in the Back Ground’ 5-7 cord a good winter’ Bio Fuel/Oil is over a grand for 275 Gallon Tank

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They’re as smart as they want to be. We took our two oldest to obedience training when they were young. They were perfect in class, but both turned into the knuckleheads we love when they got home. i guess we’re to blame for most of that. While we’re not the boss at home, we’re at least more important, especially since we hold the keys to the car-car!! :slight_smile:


So … my heart belongs to a French Bulldog that answers to Thule. Frenchies are a full time riot. Before she decided on fat and happy, she used to ride along. She’s outgrown that topbox carrier, but she still loves her rides.



I want to get another dog going to concentrate on the larger breed this time always wanted one for all the times that I have off being disabled really looking for a companion dog help pass the time

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