Does Mcarbo no longer offer the mag plug wrench?

I need one badly but I can’t find it anywhere on the site. Apologies if this has been asked 100 times. I couldn’t find anything in a forum search. I’d really prefer not to mangle the plugs. Thanks in advance.

What is a mag pull wrench ?

My fault. It’s a wrench for the mag plugs on a KSG. The end is half circle separated in the middle so it looks like 2 quarters of a circle. It’s made to specifically fit the notches on the plug end. They used to sell it. I never bought it but now I need it to replace the followers.

Doing a Google search, I came up empty on the wrench you are talking about. I did come across this. It’s more expensive, but would it work?


Sorry I don’t know about the KSG wrench. Welcome aboard. I am sure someone here can either find you one or Point to an alternative.

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I actually have this. I thought that was all I needed but there’s appears to be plugs on top of the inner plug that need to be removed to get the guard off. I just want to have all the tools for a one shot deal and not have to keep starting and stopping. He uses it in this video at the 4:30 minute mark. Mag plug wrench

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Oh, ok. I know nothing about the KSG, so I’m of no help lol

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@ChrisNelson is this wrench just out of stock, or is it no longer being produced?

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I’m thought it was a MCarbo product so I’m fearing it’s no longer produced because I can’t find it on their site. I reached out to them but I haven’t heard back. I’m sure with the holidays and all it’s flooded with emails.

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Don’t know the layout of the ksg…
This what you mean?

The name makes no sense, but I think this is what you are looking for.

KEL-TEC KSG Follower Nut Tool (

@Thatoneguy gave you the link for the barrel nut.

This is part of the confusion. Originally I thought the follower nut removal tool (which I bought) would remove the plug and the nut but it’s really for the nut. The follower nut has a threaded hole so you can marry the removal tool socket to the nut. Which is perfect for that part of the job. The plug sits on top of the follower nut, covering it and the two plugs along with the barrel nut hold on the muzzle guard. So you have to remove the barrel nut and the two follower plugs to get the guard off and get good access to the follower nuts that are behind it all. I tried taking that bolt with the 4 prongs from the follower nut kit and sticking it in a socket wrench to try to loosen the plugs but there’s too much play in it and I imagine it would tear it up pretty good if I went along with it. I’m sorry I feel like I have you guys on a wild goose chase but it’s a very odd disassembly. I wouldn’t even be doing it but one of the plastic followers got jammed after about 50 rounds Ty first time out and it has a stress crack along the side. It’s seems one of the first upgrades people do to these things is swap the factory plastic ones with aluminum ones. Mag plug wrench I did some research. Mcarbo definitely produced it. Every place seems to be out of stock and they don’t list it on Mcarbo’s site anymore. I guess I have to wait to hear from them.