Does Anyone Make The Spacer Plate To Set A Burris Fastfire


just saw it brother, thanx for the heads up!!!

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@GOBLIN No problem’ I hate a Screw Type bolt, but it does work and I know the picture does not show it good, But My Enlarged rear sight is a perfect to the outer wings of stock sight and cowitness of post just like my AR, I cant remember if it was my Fast Fire 2 or 3 that came with a metal plate for mounting One of them didn’t, but burris has all the Stuff’
(Beware) on the (Aftermarket Stuff’) Bought a mount for Rock Island called talked to support’ Bla Bla Etc !! Not even close almost Screw’d the Slide’:sunglasses:

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@GOBLIN Have been meaning to ask you any slop or play with your red lion? After all is said and done with Install etc,I’ve got some play at the Back of Square Plate# 404 and Front side of #102. And all bolts tighten 10ft pounds with torque wrench.

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maybe.0005 if i really tweak it how does your bolt/screw seats look? my gen 1 I ran a tap thru all threaded areas, just because I am OCD and got my Gen1 unit used, but 0 play issues…

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@Good I did the Same! :+1: Thanks for the reply Sir’

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