Does Anyone Make The Spacer Plate To Set A Burris Fastfire


to a sub-2000 height? so it would co witness with the irons? looks to be i need about .500 inch to move it up…

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@GOBLIN Go on Ebay and type in 1/2" red dot riser and I found these…the QD one is $12.s-l400%20(1) s-l400%20(2) s-l400


@GOBLIN Optics Planet sells this Burris mount and says it will co-witness with flat top AR iron sights.opplanet-burris-ar-f3-ar-tactical-flat-top-fastfire-ii-mount-410348-br-rmt-410348-1-1main


@GOBLIN Midway USA and Optics Planet sells Burris Fastfire 1/4" and 1/8" risers, maybe you could double 1/4" up to get 1/2"? I think they are plastic.opplanet-burris-speed-bead-mount-riser


thankya Dave67,much appriciated!


OK, nother question, a low rise, med rise and hi rise mount, how much rise does each one actually give? i set 2 spacers, the distance where i actually center the screen is 3/16 to set me co witness. i could go up a lil more and adjust down, but no farther down…


@GOBLIN If it is just 3/16" you seek then I would start with low rise first.

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@dave67 since I got you here, when you changed that front sight, and I think you also changed out to the MCARBO rear tactical folding sight, how many clicks up did you adjust the front sight?

I was looking for that thread, not that it matters since I can’t hardly see the dang iron sights anyways🙄


thing i started with 4 clicks on the redlion and went from there. i got it in my data book, i will look it up and get back to ya here…
yea, im that OCD. i write down ever change…LOL

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@Boomchucker Yes, I have MCARBO rear peep. I actually boresighted it with the Site Lite Ballistic Targeting System which is a great computer program to get your barrel and optics in line before you head to the range. You type in all rifle and bullet info and the distance you want it zeroed at and it will print out a target at a much shorter distance showing you where to put bore laser and optic dot. I will count clicks and get back to you once I install Red Lion this weekend. Will probably zero at 25 yds. I will also get a click count with the stock Gen2 front sight at 25 yds.

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if you use a depth mic, or butt of the vernier caliper, to the top edge of the adjusting plate, to the flat on the sight base, is 3.98mm i will post the clicks shortly. i remember i did the original count at 50, then 100. remember, mine is a gen 1 . there is a difference in sight mount/rail.


@Boomchucker Just finished installing the Red Lion folding front sight and what a nice machined piece it is. I took some measurements, It is the same height as the factory Gen 2 front sight and the MCARBO rear peep is the same height as the factory plastic rear peep. I used a Site Lite laser bore sighter at 25 yds. and my front sight post (Blitzkrieg Components white chevron) was adjusted the same on the Red Lion as it was on the factory Gen 2 front sight with Porformance Services pivot block, about 2 clicks up from bottomed out to get the red dot right at the top of that chevron. That red dot stays right at the top of that chevron from 12 to 25 yds. Anything closer the red dot is below the chevron. Hope this helps.


I double checked mine, on the gen 1 is 4 clicks up verified it in the book. thats with the trueglow trident mounted on co witness.

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@GOBLIN I just remembered I had the Performance Services stainless front sight pivot block on my stock Gen 2 front sight and it does not allow the front sight post to be adjusted as far down as the stock pivot block. So for stock front sight with stock pivot block about 25 clicks up from bottomed out to be at same height.


thats a heavy duty sight block.


@GOBLIN The stock pivot block would not pivot if you tightened the pivot screw all the way down, so I would back it off then the pivot block would wobble. The stainless block is a little longer in that area allowing it to be tightened all the way down and still pivot. It’s a nice piece and did improve the stock Gen 2 front sight but that spring loaded windage adjustment is not a good set up. The Red Lion front sight is a huge improvement.


got the QD 5 slot mount intoday, went with the low mount, set the fastfire up to exactly the right alignment for cowitness on the reddot, with the laser on it. going to range it tomorrow…
thanx Dave 67

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@GOBLIN So the low mount looks like it will work?


according to what im seeing now yes. i will know for sure tomorrow at the range. i see just a tiny lice of flat in the bottom center but right now im co-witnessed . i usually have to bump up a slight bit from the laser if i do, it will be full screen. first holo style ive tried, if it dont i can go back to the tru-glo and let it ride…

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@GOBLIN Did you miss my picture? with my fast fire 3 on the Thanksgiving Red Lion’
With the MC Rear Sight , Enlarged it 11/64 the sight and with stock fast fire mount, Perfect Co witness and dead nuts on @ 50ft, I posted the best Pictures I could with a Crap

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