Do not give Palmetto State Armory your business

I recieved some interesting news today regarding a long time vendor (PSA) regarding the sale of serialized lowers. I purchased a PSA Dagger lower in August and had it shipped to a Delaware FFL with no problem. I went to order the same lower in a different color a week ago and it would not let me ship to DE FFL. I inquired with PSA as to the reason and they said it was a “personal” decision made by PSA even though it is perfectly legal in DE to purchase a serialized pistol lower. I feel as though PSA is holding the residents of DE responsible for Sleepy Joe??? Obviously PSA does not care about 2nd Amendment rights … just chasing the good ol dollar.

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Chasing after dollars would have been them sending the order. This isn’t making sense to me. Maybe it’s racism based on the different color lower? Lol


Nope, lol. I wish it was. It was a decision based on ignorance. They may not be chasing the dollar from DE but they are from everyone else except the states they have decided to boycott for sales. They sure dont care about the 2nd amendment… lol.


I forgot to mention that PSA will gladly sell & ship a complete Dagger to DELAWARE… just not the serialized lower even though its completely LEGAL! $400 VS. $100… chasing dollars


Could be. But they have deals that are too good to pass up. And I’m never happy when my boss sends me into Wilmington either. So… sorry. Nope.


K … so …

I promise I’m not hating on you directly.

But … he was representing DE 40 years ago when he stood up against integration. DE voted for him again anyway. Punishment is way late … I accept it as a just dessert though.

Whether or not you agree … I believe the citizens of DE failed to eject this clown repeatedly. So, since he’s now raping my state, my country and my constitution - good on PSA for making a perfectly legal business decision and accidentally providing me this opportunity to voice my polite FU to the DE citizenry for repeated demonstratuons of deplorable negligence.

I wanna repeat … not directing at you specifically. I’m confident he hasn’t gotten a single vote from you since the early 70s.


Actually, nothing could be father from the truth with regards to PSA.


I thought we were all in the same gang here? Hating on DE citizens for standing up for our rights that PSA doesnt give 2 poops about. If ANYTHING as an FU to sleepy Joe i would think tPSA would be doing EVERYTHING & anything legaly possible so they can to stick it to him and the other libtards. Unfortunately like other states there is a very small area that controls a very large area. Oh did i mention that they will sell a complete dagger but not a lower? I believe i did… chasing dollars

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Interesting, considering how much everyone (almost all suppliers) hates where I’m at but they still ship here. PSA included…

Is Delaware (or it’s major metro areas) planning any new laws that may have influenced this decision?


No. There were several laws the libtards passed that took affect on July 31st. The no new AR law and no un serialized pistol lowers as well as high cap mag laws are the heart. There are others. I purchased a Dagger lower the end of August only to be told in September they will not ship to DE when i went to purchase again. PSA’s response was to just purchase a complete Dagger Pistol… chasing Dollars


Bang. So, they have childishly determined that if y’all so worried 'bout hunks of steel shaped similarly to lowers (which cannot shoot anything) … they gonna protect y’all from scary look’n parts.

They’re gonna let y’all buy firearms built by professionals - period.

They’ll stop jack’n with y’all when you elect folks that understand and respect Our Constitution.

FWIW, I stick with my assertion that it is childish. And, I’m dogging your anti 2a majority - not DE 2a supporters.

ETA: Text, History & Tradition: Serial Numbers weren’t required on firearms until the 1960s.


Sorry. I’m not dogging on you or anyone who lives in Delaware. Most of the people I’ve met there seem OK. Most. I actually feel bad for you guys living there. AND, I know that PA is headed in that direction also, or at least trying real hard. And then I’ll feel bad for myself until retirement when we get out. But until then, I just can’t give up my PSA.


Unfortunately everyone classifies anyone from Delaware as living in Wilmington. New Castle Co is the libtard stronghold of DE. Fortunately there are other counties 2 … lol, that are as far from the libtard mindset as possible in Delaware. Yes, PA will be next because it is controlled by the libtards in Killadelphia, da burgh & Good ol Harrisburg. To all those that think it wont happen to their state… think again. PSA is definitely in no way supportive of our 2nd amendment rights behind enemy lines.

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True dat.

I’m Texan. Stronghold is a stretch. I figure we’re 'bout one unchecked lie from total chaos and decline.

We got Beto making a play to sink us at full throttle. It took a solid 5 years to to sort through a sea of lies and deceptions to arrive at Constitutional Carry. The other team lies, cheats, steals and murders.

So @MDCCAV … THE TRUTH is on your team. DE Conservatives need to get on TRUTH’s Team. Weild the TRUTH as you navigate the veil of lies.

Of course, you are welcome to come to Texas and join us on the battle front. We enjoy (NOT) a constant stream of folks fleeing failing liberal states. They come to sink us - so, reinforcements are always welcome.


Again, you are completely wrong with regards to PSA and their commitment to the second amendment.
You only have to look at their mission statement to understand that and that they produce firearms at a price that makes them available to many people, a Dagger for $299? Not really a case of chasing the dollar in my opinion.
No one here is “hating on DE citizens”
Instead of trying to disparage a manufacturer on this forum why not contact the owner of PSA? He will respond personally.
Josiah McCullum, OwnerPSA Armory.


@AV8R … I did speak with the person “supposedly” in charge… twice! Hence the topic of this forum. I clearly stated it was a “personal” decision by PSA to not sell the legal serialized lowers to Delaware citizens & his next words were “BUT, you can purchase a complete Dagger”???. PSA is well aware of the laws governing each state. That in business is called upselling… chasing dollars. PSA has gotten well over $5000 from me the past several years. I actually have never had a bad experience with them even when talking with customer service which is most everyones gripe with PSA. I will take my money elswhere to vendors that appreciate the morality issues involved with the 2nd amendment in states run by libtards. PSA OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT! @AV8R… Dont judge anyone until you have walked a mile in their shoes… especially behind enemy lines as All Lawful DE citizens find themselves as of July 31st.

Dude, try coming and living in Illinois. We have ONE CITY fvck it up for the rest of us. About 1/2 of all websites for said gear won’t ship here. You can go elsewhere if you really want something that bad, but it won’t change what @Dred has stated about having to change the local system in your favor.

The changes that need to be made are in your state and that’s up to the good citizens of Delaware to sort out. You can’t hate on a company for making their own business decisions based on markets served. I did and it got me nowhere.


I wasn’t judging you in any way, for the record.

What was their name?

That is your choice and good luck with it.


I’ve been dealing with PSA for over 12 years & will continue till I die. I have 2 grandchildren soon getting old enough & plan to take their father to PSA in the very near future.


I think the overall point is being missed here…
They will sell to me a complete firearm (Dagger) for $300 - $400.
They will not sell a complete serialized lower (Dagger) for $100 even though I had purchased one last month.
PSA made a pesonal decision to not let DE residents purchase serialized pistol lowers even though it is legal.
I made a personal decision to create a post to inform others. PSA is only offering the whole pie and not the slice anymore… lol
From my understanding is that PSA is selling 10× more frames than completes… especially in states banning unserilized 80%.
It really is a hands down an awesome frame for a 19 clone!
The best ergonomics for me over Nomad, P80, GSX, Timberwolf, Shadow Systems or OE.
The “personal choice” answer doesn’t make me feel good especially after the end of each conversation with the response that i can purchase a complete with no problem … which obviously costs more.

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