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Discussion About Ammo

I have been away from the site for a while as life got in the way, so forgive me if this topic has already been discussed.

Has there ever been a thread about the different types of ammunition? i.e. ball, brass casing, aluminium casing, hollow point, fmj, grain weights etc.

What is best for what type of shooting? i.e. target, home defense, hunting etc.

Maybe this is too much info for a single thread. Perhaps we could do a category for ammunition.

It has been discussed in many threads for different reasons, I personally had a favorite rifle round thread What is your favorite rifle round and why? which had a lot of discussion about rifle rounds and some pcc stuff

I must have missed it. The reason I asked was I was online shopping for ammo and my friend was asking questions about all the different types of ammo and what they are best suited for. I found that I couldn’t answer a lot of her questions.

A separate category would help keep all of that info in one place.

Yes, the bigger the forum gets, the harder it is to keep duplicates down and the searching gets more difficult, that’s why you have moderators that will direct you to the right place if you happen to make a duplicate or similar topic :wink: