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Disclaimer for new customers

A few complaints. If you don’t want to read them, keep moving. This is for people looking into MCARBO as a company.

I recently purchased a MCARBO sub2000. It’s quite expensive… times are tough with the current landscape. I reached out seeing if they were offering any coupon codes or discounts. I received an email saying that they weren’t and wouldn’t be anytime soon. Ok, no problem; it’s your business and you get to decide those things.

So I spend $750 and get a sub2000 with a crooked muzzle break. How hard is it to attach a muzzle break so that it’s level when both the top and bottom are flat? Shouldn’t be too difficult. Poor quality work. I’ll have my local gunsmith fix it. They wanted $150 to pin the muzzle break and stock (not only do they not know the laws of my state). My local gunsmith does it for $40. Again, their company… they get to set prices.

Then I look in my email. Blasting 10% coupon codes. Funny how that works.

Poor quality work, over priced services, and poor moral marketing tactics. Really lives up to the “brotherhood” they preach. Hope new customers come across this before making the same mistake.

Just a point of information for you.

I would strongly suggest you look at the Red Lion Front Sight and make a decision on it before you get that brake pinned/welded.

A pinned/welded brake makes your decision permanent - Kel Tec sight ain’t never coming off after the brake is permanent.


@Jjarosz2892 Literally 1000’s of customers have had great experiences with MCARBO. They make good products and they respond to complaints and usually fix problems for free. Did you even reach out to MCARBO over the crooked brake before coming straight here to trash them? It sounds like you’re mad about the price more than anything. If they hooked everyone up they’d be out of business. It’s a common practice to give a code to a customer after they’ve bought something first. You certainly can’t please everyone, but your one negative review out of 1000’s of positive ones isn’t a reflection of MCARBO. Email them with your gripes and give them a chance to make it right at the least.


I was thinking $750 for a M series was a good deal.
I installed all the upgrades my self for roughly $1000.
But then again, my muzzle brake is on straight.

That would be impressive to know every gun law for every state.


Hell, the state police as well as most of the citizens in my state don’t know them as they change every year…

I can’t think of many (if any) vendors who will hold anyone’s hand with gun laws per state, most specifically note in their terms and conditions that it is up to the customer to know and mistakes will be at the customer’s expense.


Mcarbo has been nothing but good to it’s supporters as long as I have been on here. Just email them Chris will do anything in his power to make it right. Some of your complaints IMO are baseless. They had issues with the double finger charging handles breaking on some people a year or so ago and everyone that had one break got a new one, a better one. Just make them aware send some photos and if it is like you say it is I’ll bet they’d be happy to make it right


@Jjarosz2892 I would say welcome to the site, but not sure this was the best first impression. Unless… you live for throwing grenades in forums you post in for the first time.


Good news here. Looks like an M series is down to $750. Lol


I honestly don’t know why he’s complaining I seen a Gen 2 Sub 2K in my area on Armslist for 740 and it only had a few mcarbo upgrades it wasn’t even an m series, at least here in my area the market seems to be going up. I also seen a gen-one with two magazines on arms list for $550


@Flogrown Some people bitch at free beer parties… :unamused:


I honestly don’t want to seem like I’m just in Mcarbo’s little Fanboy club that just sides with them on every issue but it just seems like instead of going through the proper channels he came straight here to vent I want this brought to Chris’s attention more than the Op because I know he’ll make it right if there’s an issue but geez, at least where I come from that’s no way to get anybody to help you



Curious. I don’t know what state is hazing your rights, but …

It’s clear from your post that you had discussion with MCARBO regarding your pinned/welded requirement. And, it is clear they knew you were electing to have this done yourself.

Therefore I would not expect them to spend time clocking a brake you would then immediately remove for pin/weld. I actually wonder if your FFL didn’t do the screwing on just to keep the parts together. I sure as heck wouldn’t risk breaking your laws by sending you something I knew to be illegal in your state.

At any rate … your gonna love it if they don’t botch the pin/weld. Buncha forgettable crap been griped 'bout. I think you need a little range break.


I did not touch it. The comp is on crooked. They put it on crooked. I received it crooked. It’s been fixed on my dime & time.


Definitely looks crooked, what did Mcarbo say about it?


It’s put on with a jam nut. How much did your LGS charge you to fix it?
All that was needed was to loosen nut, get it straight, tighten nut.


Not sure what the mistake was/is? Sounds like you were going to have an issue with needing to pin and weld the muzzle brake anyway.
Im not trying to pile on, and genuinely welcome you to the brotherhood. Regardless of your current state of opinion, i hope you’ll take some time to get to know the gun, and the community. With objective comparison, the invested effort will be worth it to you for both.
I bought the exact same rifle, with the exact same rotated muzzle brake issue, annoying, yes i get that, but pretty minor in my eyes. I researched 9mm carbines for at least a year before settling on the sub2000. When looking for parts to solve all its known problems, came across MCarbo, whose reputation is probably over 95% positive. About the only complaints i saw were in regard to cost, however those complaints were offset by the quality received for those higher costs. Find me a company that is “perfect”, and i’ll find you a liar…
When i added up the upgrades i wanted, it was easy to decide on the Mseries vs doing all the addons separately myself. Anyway i said all that to say, go shoot that rifle, a lot. Then if possible shoot a factory sub2000. Your assessment on value vs cost would have some context by then.


Those are the ones who end up with sharpie decorated faces when they wake up… :sunglasses: not that id know anything about that… :roll_eyes:


@Stircrayzy that was pretty well said bud. Someone should definitely buy you a :beers:


Any brothers swinging through Detroit are welcome to join me for a few, and bbq. :beer: :cut_of_meat:


@Stircrayzy I wish it were possible, there’s a few interesting cats in the forum I would love to sit and have a few pitchers with