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Dems Gun Control

Hopefully in 2022 we flip the house and put a stop for awhile longer to the Dems bullshit,woke nonsense.


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And certain spineless RINOs will go along with the democommies…

from the 45 communist goals: #15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.


I like how the article attempts to claim some gun show transactions are unregulated. They simply do not want to come out and admit they are talking about private party sales. They vaguely call it “stranger-to-stranger”… They are dishonest.


Not holding my breath for that. As long as people are getting “free” stuff and promises of more “free” stuff, they’re gonna vote “Progressive” - all while believing media lies. (And I worked in TV for over 40 years, so I know it happens… no matter who says what.)


@ColoradoRick That is the problem.Our kids are taught this libtard crap and there’s a never ending crop of them who don’t realize until they get out into the real world for several years that nothing is free. National Dem politicians today know this but push it anyway to gain political and personal power,that’s why you could argue it’s treason


Sadly, there are way too many who will always believe in the free ride. They’re still living in mommy’s basement - for free - when they’re 35. So long as they’re not FORCED to support themselves, they won’t, and they want full-on socialism, thinking they’ll be one of the elites instead of a peon. The public schools have been successful in their mission.


Yeah - I was in Baghdad in '04 for FOX News, and thinking about how America hoped for democracy in Iraq. Watching the locals it’s obvious that real change wouldn’t happen unless the education system changed, since the grown-ups (for the most part) had learned how life works in school (well, the ones who got to go to school).

I’m not sure you’re right about them realizing things when they get into the real world. I see TV shows, where we’re still told about things being “free,” like health care and college tuition - usually while comparing us to some other “compassionate” country. The other night I saw a French guy, living in America, make a joke about his “free” health care in France - and the American audience started applauding. Left-wingers don’t seem to be able to do math, or understand economics, or think logically. “Health care should be free!” Well, somebody has to pay for it, so it can’t be “free.” “The rich should pay their fair share!” Forget the percentage “the rich” already pay - the other year I used a Forbes list to add up all of the net worth of all of the billionaires in America. If we totally bankrupted them all, it wouldn’t pay off one year’s budget, let alone all of the stuff that needs to be “free.” But, try to explain that; or even get someone to read the simple article to pick up some actual facts.

Still looking for my cave…


@ColoradoRick I should have said “some of them realize” the scary part is that it’s not enough of them. Our take on the state of the nation is virtually identical.


Hoping for a spot in the gulch myself….


I have a long-time friend who’s become more and more “progressive” over the years. She now tells me she hates all police, Republicans, meat-eaters, oil men, ranchers, and others I can’t keep track of. (All cops shoot people, and all Republicans hate people.) If she had her way, the government would outlaw all meat production and make us all vegans (for real). She doesn’t understand the supply chain, or even that there is such a thing. She doesn’t understand hyperinflation, how it happens, or why we should care. She gets government money against her rent, a free bus pass, a free phone, and food stamps - although, to be totally honest, she could use some of that after an accident that wasn’t her fault, but has kept her from working for years. Someone did give her access to a car, but she can’t understand why gas went up after Biden started messing with the oil supply (remember, she hates the oil industry). Actually, she didn’t come close to connecting those two things, even after I explained it. Funny to hear the complaining, though. She moved to Colorado from California, even though she hates ranchers, oil business, guns, hunting, and pretty much everything Colorado - so she works with our government her to try to change all of that, rather than move back to California (too expensive). To that end, she voted for all of the “progressives” in the state election in 2018, because she “hates Trump” - so now we’re one of those stacked states, and everything is going to be free, and illegal aliens have drivers’ licenses, and they keep passing things like “red flag” laws, while passing small business taxes (at midnight at the end of the session). The guy she voted for for US Senate had broken employment law in the past, and she knows it, and hates him for it, but because he’s a Dem (and she hates Republicans) she voted for him anyway, rather than the incumbent who has done some great things for the state.

And the final point is, she’s 77, and I can’t get her to understand one simple fact (like all police don’t run around shooting everyone). I hate to imagine all of the others who are 10 times worse than her, and they all vote.


@ColoradoRick @mgmargate

…and this is exactly why all the Cali refugees fleeing to the free Red states is a dangerous and frustrating fiasco.


The insanity on the left is too deep to cure…It has to run it’s violent course…


So long as it stays off my slice. Violence begets violence. And I can get quite violent if needed.





Gun owners in San Jose, California, will soon face a yearly tax and be required to carry additional insurance after their city council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to impose the new measures.

The forthcoming fee for gun ownership in the city has not yet been determined, but officials said that anyone found to be in noncompliance will have their weapons confiscated.

While the council directed staffers to draft up the law for a final September vote, the dollar amount on the new tax for gun owners has not yet been determined. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo suggested the new annual fine will likely be “a couple dozen dollars,” and claimed insurers assured the city that firearms owners adding gun liability coverage to existing policies would cost the affected citizens little or nothing.

But with no official registry of gun owners either locally or federally, officials recognized that enforcement of the forthcoming taxes and insurance requirements could be difficult if not impossible. So, they said they would authorize any law enforcement officers to confiscate the firearms of any gun owner they stumble upon who does not provide proof that they have complied.

“Crooks aren’t going to follow this law,” Liccardo told reporters. “When those crooks are confronted by police and a gun is identified, and if they haven’t paid the fee or insurance, it’s a lawful basis for seizure of that gun.”


Damn, ya think???

And here by “crook” he means any citizen, not what we think of as a real crook.


Pennsylvania Democrats to Propose Bullet Tax and Encoded Rounds to Track Ammo Owners

June 30, 2021 Updated: June 30, 2021

(Pennsylvania Democrats to Propose Bullet Tax and Encoded Rounds to Track Ammo Owners)

A 5 cent per bullet tax will be proposed in Pennsylvania as part of legislation to be brought forth by two state House Democrats, Rep. Manny Guzman and Rep. Stephen Kinsey.

The tax would fund a state police database of ammunition sold in Pennsylvania.

The planned legislation would require ammunition manufacturers to encode ammunition provided for retail sale in Pennsylvania, and to provide ammunition serial numbers to the Pennsylvania State Police for the ammunition database. The plan was revealed in a joint memo to the state legislature by Guzman and Kinsey.

Larry :slightly_frowning_face:

PS You ever notice it’s all about getting more money from people, not about saving any lives. Pure greed from politicians.


Laid it out right there…$$$