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DeltaPoint Pro On The Range

Hi all! Here is part-3 in my video series on making the transition from iron sights to a micro red-dot optic on my duty pistol. In this segment I’m off to the range to see how my pistol performs with the DPP installed. Be sure to share your thoughts after watching the video!



@hrfunk, Typical good video, and it is helping me to choose if I want to do the same transition. There is always a “break-in” period with any change to normal actions (shoes come to mind). So you will very likely become proficient the more you use the DP Pro. :thinking:

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I think so too. With a bit more time and practice, I think I’m going to end up really liking this new system. The fact that I was able to shoot as well as I did my first time out, with unaided vision no less, is very encouraging.



I thought I’d run this back to the top one more time just in case anyone who is interested missed it on Friday.