Deer Hunting Season


Yeah, the way they build things now doesn’t hold up to much punishment.

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well the seasons started here in ireland [males only] no luck so far ,i will have venison on the table for xmas and not on the hood of the car:grin:


since you are probably the only one to get a stag last year (i think it was last year wasn’t it?) with a car, that doesn’t mean you want to make it a yearly tradition? LOL

I cant wait to see your pics of a successful hunt. Always so cool, getting chance to see the hunts and animals, from someone in another country. (not the stuff on TV, but someone I know, can talk to, and hear about it from.

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i hit one about 2 years ago with car did a lot of damage, i shot 12 last season 2 stags 3 doe’s 7 prickets hopefully i be as sucessful this season


well that makes for a nice tasty dozen. lol
I hope you do as good this season too.

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Sounds like the wifes finally getting serious about picking up some country land. Pretty sure it wont happen this deer season but being able to hunt my own back yard whenever its convenient is something ive wanted for a long time.


Good for you man! I love the rural life. Wish I liked venison more because they come to me :+1:



Thats a nice looking buck. Hopefully i can find 10+ acres with a water feature, preferably a pond i could stock. Serious life goal stuff here, if im able to hunt and fish my back yard itll make everything worth it.


@Chris19d I grew up with the luxury of being able to hunt and fish my family’s private land. There’s truly nothing like it. Just wish we got some of those monsters down here in FL.


@TriggerHappy I see life lesson in your pic being depicted perfectly…“don’t lose your head over a piece of tail”. :+1::ok_hand::sunglasses:


you said it life in countryside is great much more relaxed lifestyle fresh air and don’t have to go to far to do your favourate
past time hunting and claytrap shooting


I have just a couple acres with gravity flow irrigation :+1: but it backs up to a 17 acre alfalfa field that the deer love and I’m surrounded by vast wilderness and rugged mountain terrain. We never see the older bucks until right now just before regular hunting season. They come down out of the high country to get some tail and hide from the hunters - on opening day they disappear…


get a nice back leg pierce it a few times put cloves of garlic in were you pierced it put a mixture of
different spices [just open your pantry and what ever you see will do belive me] pour cooking oil all over it cover with tin foil put in oven for 3 and half hours or a bit longer if you like at 170 .you will never taste better


Will be heading into the woods at 5am tomorrow morning. Opening day for me here in Northwest Indiana. Suppose to be warm ao dont expect to see much, but it sure will feel good to just go be one with mother nature!
Wish me luck!


@d.kaufman2154 Good luck man, rattle any antlers or anything like that? or do you just bait em in as long as you can and hope for the best?


I usually dont rattle till closer to the rut. Ive had pretty good luck past years in the first 2 weeks of the season getting at least 1 doe. I bait till the 1st of September then quit after that. These first 2 weeks all i can take are does till the true opening of hunting season on Oct 1st. Im in whats considered the reduction zone which is heavily populated areas with a high population of deer. Im actually allotted 10 does or 9 does and 1 buck. Does are pretty much what im after. Im not a trophy hunter. Hell i couldnt afford to have a big buck mounted. When i do get a buck i cut the antlers off and give them to my Mastiff. She loves chewing on them


@d.kaufman2154 ya I haven’t taken one down worth mounting but I have a nice collection of antlers. There isn’t many big boys worth mounting down here though. Unless you hunt a high fence ranch which to me isn’t really hunting, I wouldn’t get anything out of that. Well good luck to you sir, fill that freezer with some venison


Thanks you sir! I’ll be sure to post pics if lady luck treats me right!


Our season opens the first pf Oct. Bow season. I plan to squirrel hunt till rifle season. Going to lower the number of them around my stand


Good luck today ,I got my first one on Thursday evening a nice pricket for the table ,haven’t seen any stags yet and that’s after a lot of miles and hours over past 2 weeks plenty of Doe’s but can’t shoot them till October but prefare to shoot males mostly anyway,