Deer Hunting Season


i know its 3 months away here anyway deer hunting season 6 does grazing 50 feet away from my front window last night but i wont be shooting them ,we lease the lets here and mostly shoot the bucks and prickets and only the odd doe keeps the herd built up ,looking forward to new season

How Can Some People Have Little Heart?

If it’s brown…it’s goin’ down…


well i dont have a limit to what i can shoot except for in the let which is 12 and unlimited on private lands were i have permission to shoot


Fresh venison! Just hit the ground this morning I think - looks like she still has another one in her.


Wish I had more of a taste for venison - I live in the middle of the largest mule deer herd in the state. Every year I have 2 does who each have 2 fawns in my back yard. Now that whitetail backstrap - that’s something else :yum:


I make jerky, and a buddy who is an avid deer and big game hunter gave me a mess of venison steaks and a roast to cut up, season n dry for him. I kept a little sack for myself, and I’m throwin’ it back like potato chips thinking dang this stuff is goooood…DERK! until I hit that one piece. Oh fark brothers in a blink I realized why beef was King.

Now elk I can go a ways with…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


great too see that dave i live in same situation but on a lot more smaller scale i grew up in a city moved to countryside 25 years ago and id never livein city again great and totaly different life style in countryside i can shoot something by stepping outside my front or back door try that inthe city without getting arrested:grinning:


Yep - twins again. I probably knew these fawns great, great, great, …. grandparents. (I need to do some weedwhackin’ lol)



I typically hunt at my son-in-law’s place in Virginia. Had some good times in the 4 years I’ve been hunting. Can’t wait to get back there in October for Archery, then Muzzy, and then Firearms. I have fun videoing some of the hunts, nothing fancy. Just like to relive those events. I had an AXIS deer hunt in Texas planned the first week of June, but had to cancel because my wife had a fall and hurt her neck. I have been the caregiver for a couple of months and a couple more to go. Also have a Texas Buck hunt planned for Mid November with my grandson.
An 8 minute stare down with an 6 point Buck.


@opditch Nice work sir! No buck fever there - just patience and a good clean shot :+1:


lol every year I deer and elk hunt. and every year we will have days when we will drive as many as 250-350 desert miles out into the Owyhee Desert and see nothing but antelope. Most people would say, “I just cant believe we didnt see anything at all. Wonder where they’re all hiding at?” Well I have the answer.

After all those rough, hard, Jeep miles. All the hiking along the rim of 400 foot deep sheer walls of the Idaho high desert canyons. A good deal more often than not when I finally get home, battered, beaten, and dead tired, This is what is in my yard, and driveway nibbling on the apple trees…

This is the smaller one of two, that along with their harem, hung around my house like part of the family for the last 2 years and I expect to be back again this fall.! The best deer hunting around is literally right in my back yard…and front yard…and driveway. LOL AVI_000003105|640x480

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thats part of the short range weapon hunts.LOL
I haven’t hit one myself, but swerving to miss 3 that ran out of the borrow pit in front of me a few years back. I smashed my Mercury cougar dead center into a power pole at the corner 1/2 mile from my house.

However, here in Idaho beginning in 2012, we are allowed to selvage road kill. Since 2012 I have gotten between 18 and 21 deer. I would need to count all my salvage permits to know for certain. And I have gotten 3 bull elk in the last three years, one spike x 2 point and two 6 points.
All courtesy of others unfortunate loss of their cars and trucks, and thus allowing me to be incredibly lucky/successful and never fire a shot.

I spent better than 30 years doing it the hard way it seems. LOL


it does indeed. when i hit that power pole in my cougar i was still doing about 50 mph… Needless to say, it was completely totaled. At that time it was still at least an 8000.00 dollar car. I was still very lucky. I wasnt seriously injured. and the pole i hit had a 2 foot diameter 5 foot high bottom reinforcement pole attached to it with steel wire. banding. that piece was shattered into pulp and little sticks and left the main pole completely undamaged. If it hadn’t been there to take the impact it would have sheared off the pole, and it would have gone down along with the 4 corner distribution transformers. The cost for Idaho power to come out and replace just a bare pole is 5000 bucks and I shudder to think of the cost of 4 transformers and possibly another pole or two pulled down along with it…

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the deer can do some damage when you hit them ,i hit one or i should say the pricket jumped in front of me 3000euro worth of damage it was the first day of hunting season on my way home from work i must have been the only hunter in ireland to bag one without taking the gun out of was only good enough for dog food with all the internal damage ,plus i only had the car a month


couple years ago a lady hit a deer just down from my house so I went down to make sure everyone was ok. It was first thing on a monday morning and she was on her way home from the car dealer where she just picked up her brand new Chrysler 300. It had 16 miles on it. It wasn’t totaled but it had several thousand dollars worth of damage. I felt really bad for her. What a way start the week.

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Back in February 2012 I bought my brand new Deep Cherry Red Ram 1500. I had a cpl successful hunts and in November the deer decided to exact revenge. I was driving down the beltway to my mom’s house when a Kamikaze Deer sprinted out on to the highway into the driver’s side of my truck. He did $3800.00 worth of damage .


Did he at least make a nice steak? I love venison steak when cooked right! :yum:


He rolled down the side of my truck and disappeared into the woods. The only thing I got was tufts of fur and a battered truck.


Damn, the one that got away… :thinking:


amazing what a seemingly small animal can do.


@jeffing65 Yes indeed, alot of the damage is also from how they build vehicles these days…thin sheet metal and alot of plastic.