M*CARBO Brotherhood

Deer Hunters/Free $25 gift card


Thought id share this with the brotherhood. If you go to huntonus.com and take a pic of your Deer hunting license and submit it you will get a $25 gift card to Legendary Whitetails website. They are doing a promotion giving away $1 million worth of gift cards to pay it forward to the hunting community!


Update on this. I submitted yesterday about 11am. Recieved the e gift card about 10am this morning as well as a code for free shipping. Time to do some shopping


@d.kaufman2154 Thanks Don. great share.:+1:


No problem. Got me a camo hoodie and a nice wallet with my gift card


lol I was looking at the hoodie and a belt.


@d.kaufman2154 did you have a deer tag or just submit your hunting license ? .


Just submit a pic of your license. Only thing i did was black out my address. They accepted it, and Within 24 hours had my gift card and they even sent a promo code for free shipping. Ordered a camo hoodie and new wallet and should see them Thursday already.


@d.kaufman2154 Sweet. I did the same this morning so wont hear back till tomorrow. I know some states have licenses that dont always have a big game endorsement, if you will.
I didn’t even bother with editing. What are they going to do?
I dare them to show up at my house with a nice hunting bag, and a hand full of gift cards for me to spend.


Lol. No doubt that would be great wouldnt it!


It really would wouldn’t.


@d.kaufman2154 good looking out for the brotherhood. I’ll send mine tomorrow when I get back