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Dedicated .22 AR vs. Ruger 10/22

So I spent a pile of money to build a dedicated 22, and then decided I’d rather have a 10/22.
I assembled the PSA upper and lower, bought for the 22, in 5.56, with new Hogue grip kit.
Added a free float handguard and lo-pro gas block. Done. Just need sights or an optic.

I have a small rant for PSA, this being the second lower, and first upper from them.
Use better buffer tubes. These are commercial tubes, but Mil-spec stocks might fit.
Even Hogue, a very tight fitting stock, fits loose. I’m gonna have to replace them.
There’s also a bit of slop in between the uppers and lowers, even when using other brands.
This doesn’t bother me. A little slop is to be expected, but the loose stock drives my crazy.

Anyways, I just left Bud’s before coming here to post. Bought a 10/22 and a 110 round drum.

EDIT: Maybe the buffer tube is Mil-spec. but the threads are flush like on comm-spec.
And maybe it was the Magpul stocks they use that are the reason for it being loose.
The Hogue stock is definitely comm-spec.


@valorsolo I edited out your post about selling so people aren’t confused. Chris said no public sales/trading post. Private message sales do what you want :+1:t2:


10-4. Sorry. I can see how it could have been seen as a listing.


A little more info on the 10/22 I ordered.
Ruger 10/22 Distributor Exclusive semi-automatic rifle
Black Tapco Fusion pistol grip stock with collapsible buttstock and tri-rail forearm

From Bud’s for $245.00

Also decided not to sell the conversion kit, not just yet.
I was browsing around Gorilla Machining website this morning.
I ordered a blemished upper receiver and a cheap handguard.
I’ll assemble it and then decide what to do with it.


Initially inbuilt a nice collapsible stock 10/22 charger. Accurate and compact.
Here us the stock only:

Having several Bulpups I decided took look for one.

I found badger bullpup stocks. Our of all the 10/22 stocks out there this one is the simplest design a works like charm. No issues and very accurate. I picked up a 16 inch threaded barrel and loving it.

I became interested in the CMMG Ar conversion kit. It worked perfectly but shot about 2 to 4 inches low with my irons.

Great fun and reliable.

Since then I built cmmg upper. Even better accuracy . Couldn’t be happier with it. It is more enjoyable with the s&w. Mags and the redi mag adapter. Now the cmmg upper functions exactly like a normal ar.

Between the cmmg upper and the ruger my nod goes to the cmmg.

S&w mags much.more reliable than the bx mag in the ruger. No wobble and feed with perfection.

No that I have the kel tec cp33. I am waiting for the cmr rifle version to come out. Then both the ruger and the cmmg upper will be sold.

Now i have several 10/22 stocks, a barrel and bullpup with bunch of bx mags I havent gotten around to put out on the.market.

Ugh gun ownership…lol


I was not aware of this product. It looks amazing. Thanks.
Those horrible 25 round mags I have are a major reason I wanted a 10/22.
Now I guess I will have both. Cause I just couldn’t help myself.
Bought an Aero Precision lower today to complete my AR-22.
Well, it’s not complete until I try this adapter, now. Again, thanks.


You are going to really like it. The gun will lock open last round and stay open until you hit bolt release. Great for muscle memory practice


I went the LOOOOOOOOONG way around with a simi auto .22. Charter arms AR7.
at that time in my life, i was into receiving pain.:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
after I changed the stock that leaked, the barrel that had a bow in the middle, (not outside but the liner in the alloy casting) all the internals except the trigger, the barrel nut, added a dang scope and a heat shield, and found metal 25 round magazines, the bolt, the extractor 3 times for i found a decent one. the RAMLINE magazines i purchased for it originally, were the plastic magazine that ruined me on polymers till 2 years ago. wouldnt last 10 rounds… I still got one. just to remind me never to screw up like that again…

my first 17"/under breakdown rifle…


Got the upper put together. Only thing missing is a thread protector or muzzle device.
I also left off the dust cover. Kinda think I would have been happier with slick side upper.
I borrowed a lower from one of my other ARs, just for testing, got an Aero Precision on the way.
I put the Better-Mag in it and emptied a 25 round M&P mag out in the yard, some issues.
The mag didn’t want to feed the first round, I had to give it a good slap to change it’s mind.
Then around round 17 or 18, it had another feeding issue, another good slap to make it work.
I think the mag will wear in and be fine, but I’ll have to fight it a while till it does.

All in all, it’s a great little 22 for a not-so-decent price of just under $700.
Most of that being the CMMG conversion bits and the barrel.

I haven’t received my 10-22 yet from Bud’s. Should be at my FFL on Monday.
Can’t complain if one order, out of a dozen or so, wasn’t shipped immediately.


To each their own, and the folding stocks are definitely useful, but for me, making a “tactical” Ruger 10/22 is like putting a spoiler on a van.


Speaking of folding stocks, I was looking at a few adapters last night for the AR-22.
Since the buffer and spring are only used to keep tension on the CMMG bolt.
A folding stock would be perfect for this rifle. It would make it a very stow-able gun.
The 16" 22LR barrel recesses farther into the upper. Makes it almost like a 14" barrel.
A barrel shroud or a simple thread protector wouldn’t add any length to it.
I would end up with a folded length of roughly 24". That would be awesome.



Mr. T might have something to say about that.758ccfb9647462c408c020f38ee1ad04


Definitely an assault van!


Was having feed issues cmmg said to buzz chamber with bronze cleaning brush .
Worked like a charm. Here is the link they sent me. I have since used this technique on my AA glock conversion. Really helped.


Here it is finally, my new 10-22 Tapco with 110 round drum and my dedicated AR-22.


After my shooting session earlier today I thought I would update this post as well.
Both the AR-22, with M&P mags and the 10-22, with the drum, ran perfect.
They are both keepers. Extremely fun to shoot.


Glad to hear it. They are way too much fun. Here is my cmmg ar22 upper build


How about an S2K in .22? :grinning:


If only the mag options were as good as the 10/22. Running the M&P mags is really awesome.
But I’m looking for a way to run 10/22 mags. Blackdog has a few feed tower conversion.
Maybe one of those will give better options.

I’ve been thinking the same thing. That would be sweet.


I found the m&p mags much more stable and reloaded much easier than the 10/22 mags. I use a butler creek loader on the 10/22 and McFadden lightening grip loader. I picked it up for the cmmg mags but they work with a ton of other mags. Really slick and super easy to load. Wish they made them for glock and 10/22 mags.
Anyway I think the.m&p mags are ideal for the ar22 uppers as they keep manual of arms exactly like regular ar mags and that makes for great practice.

I still like my bagger bulpup 10/22. I was going to sell it but it’s just so darn compact ,light and ver shoot able. Its super easy to install . Same standard 10/22 stock screw. I picked up a 16 inch threaded barrel for it. Very nice set up.

An s2k 22lr is a good idea as long as it uses the Cp33 mags. The cp33 is a a fantastic accurate 22lr. I was thinking about a cmr30 22lr version the barrel would be more stable. Anyway I cant wait tell kel tec comes out with the 22lr that uses those mags
33 round in a pistol size mag. Oh yeah!