December '21 Division EO Targets

Shooters in the 25yd open rifle division, post targets here.

So here is what I shot, 1 target, the dart board target. This is the 1st time I have been to and fired from a target range, great experience, great folks I met there,. Went with a friend as a guest and he sighted in his bolt action with scope and also we sighted in the scope on my rifle. Below using his bolt action after he sighted it in. Shoots well at 25 yards. Shoot day 2021-12-24. Rifle 22-250 with scope. Sitting, bench, fore-stock supported by right hand. Left handed shooter, Score???


Didn’t see the mention of a bonus for ‘Irons’ this month, so did not add it.

Not my best target!



(1 × 3) + 2 + (3 × 2) + (4 × 3) + (5 × 3) =

3 + 2 + 6 + 12 + 15 =

Scored as a 38. Nice!


@festus informed me the score was a 7. So I was close. :rofl:

Okay… I just don’t get it. I am moving on to other more important things now… like rearranging my sock drawer. I can’t fu€k that up as bad. Hopefuly.


Disqualified by a day, so posting for fun, since i shot em.

Single target Dartboard score was abismal on this one, so i went with the standard.


Very nice result for standing!


Thanks, a good Sling is crucial, then timing the bounce from breathing.
I dont have a range nearby that i can sit at, and for some reason, all the shelves at these indoor ranges are too high for a good kneeling bipod shot, though ive tried.


Nice shooting, what distance and under sights what does RDS stand for?

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EO is 25yds, and RedDotSight is any of their type , and can be unmagnified to qualify for the bonus. Mine is a Romeo MSR.

Im really grateful for this monthly shoot, repetition helps me train much more effectively, instead of only shooting a few times per year.

That target is the best of 6 that i shot, so the odds did play a small part in it too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning: :wink:


Oww Red Dot Sight.
It certainly appears to work well at maintaining a nice tight grouping.