December 2022 M*Carbo Sharpshooter Series Match

December 2022 M*Carbo Sharpshooter Series Match

Greetings shooters. We had another good month with our rimfire divisions showing good participation.

Our first order of business is a special announcement. We were able to secure another M*Carbo Gift Certificate this year! A big thank you to @QuinnMCARBO for making this possible, and to @ChrisNelson without whom we wouldn’t have our Forum, or fantastic, Made in the USA parts for our favorite firearms.

I’d like to recognize @jeffing65 , he keeps our announcement current, @JoeFridaySays for our rules and standard/X ring targets, @DrumsGunsBMX for our progressive target and also @js5660 for this months poker target, which was the brainchild of @jeffing65 .

And a big round of applause to all of you, our members. Thank you all.

The “Poker” Target. Poker Target
Here’s how this will work. Note there’s an Ace in each corner designating a suit, clockwise from upper left we have Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Spades. A shot in any Ace will then define what suit you’re shooting. This is important if you’re shooting for a Royal Flush. No other cards show a suit. Scoring for this target will be as follows:

Royal Flush = 55 points
Straight Flush = 54 points
Four of a kind = 53 points
Full House = 52 points
Flush = 51 points
Straight = 50 points
Three of a Kind = 49 points
two pair = 48 points
One pair = 47 points
High card = 45 points

Also, iron sight bonus will double at 50 and 100yds. No change for 25yd irons.

As always, the following targets are allowed;
Standard Target
X Ring Target
Progressive Target
Poker Target

M*Carbo Sharpshooter Series Rules

Remember, five (5) rounds for score and iron sight bonus for all rifle divisions.

Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Good luck and good shooting!