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De-fogging eyewear

During this “era of the mask”, just wondering if anyone has found a product that actually works at de-fogging eyewear at the range?



No help here, but I’m wondering where you are.

At my indoor range, I wear a mask to get through the door and while in the lobby. But when I get to my lane, mask is removed and secured out of my way.

At my outdoor range, the mask hangs on my rear view mirror for the duration of my visits.

Mostly posting to brag on the owner of my indoor range. He wears his mask religiously. I haven’t seen him forget to pin it to his shirt even once.

To your issue, I feel the fog problem. Mask compliance has destroyed my glasses by bouncing them on the ground scores of times. Only way I can keep them transparent is to slide them out to the tip of my nose. Then the ear loops LOVE grabbing my glasses as I rip masks from my face to enjoy my outdoor freedoms.


No Fog for Ski Goggles? I would be a Rich man if I had a Dollar for the Times I had to find One or Both of my hearing Aids in the Parking lot’ After tearing the Mask off to get some Outdoor Air. :joy:


I go to an indoor range in MA. They ask that you keep your mask, as well as eyes and ears on all the time. There is a divider between each lane, and I do usually pull my mask down below my nose, but I still get fogged up eye-wear. I read somewhere to try ski goggle anti-fogger, but I can’t remember where I read it, and it didn’t come with a specific brand, and now that I’m checking them out, they all seem to come with the caveat that they don’t work well, so I figured I’d give a shout out here.
Thanks for your replies, just the same. :joy: :joy:


Original Deluxe Neck Gaiters

I use these face masks / gaiters and due to their design they are breathable and I am able to wear them without them fogging up my glasses.

I wear these all day at work and wear eye glasses and I am able to breathe comfortably while performing strenuous physical work and have my eye glasses remain clear.

I recently bought some “Scope Dope” for use on my pistol red dot sights and that supposedly also works well as a defogger. “Cat Crap” is also made by the same company and is supposedly a very good defogger.

Cat Crap Defogger


Hey all, my open thoughts to share, yes I wear glasses and yes, what a pain to keep them fog “free”. I’ve observed several types of gaiters vs masks. So I took some time and did some investigating.

Regulatory, all gaiters and masks, seemingly not categorized to what is acceptable or not. As long as you are wearing a mask you are “considered” to be in compliance.

Here is the what I ranked in from the net.

N95 mask performed best, followed by a surgical mask, a cloth mask with a polypropylene filter, and then others. Multiple tests of face coverings have shown that any face covering will block at least a small percentage of droplets generated when we speak or cough and no previous study has ever identified any face covering that is less effective than no face covering at all. Another test I would quote " — a single-layer gaiter made of 100 percent polyester and a two-layer gaiter, made with 87 percent polyester and 13 percent spandex. Using mask-testing protocols established by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and found that both gaiters were at least somewhat effective at blocking respiratory particles. Both blocked 100 percent of very large, 20-micron droplets and at least 50 percent of one-micron aerosols. When it came to smaller particles, the single-layer gaiter blocked only 10 percent of 0.5-micron particles, while the two-layer gaiter blocked 20 percent. However, when the researchers doubled the single-layer gaiter, it blocked more than 90 percent of all particles measured.

Bottom line? Cover your face. Overall, research shows that two layers of anything are better than one and that fit matters — no face covering will be effective if it’s not snug on your face. https://medical.mit.edu/covid-19-updates/2020/08/neck-gaiters"

I have at least seven (7) cloth masks that I wear, yes and do try to religiously wash them after multiple use. Any mask I have that I cannot seal to the nose fogs my glasses, especially during colder conditions. So for me the key is a good seal, which isn’t always effective if the mask is on for whale. So bottom line is for me is to use a good quality mask (example N95) that is designed to seal well over the nose and also by design, an effective seal all around.

BTW, I do very much like the gaiter, if there is one out there with a N95 rating and an effective nose seal which restricts moisture out the top (which IMHO) the reason for quickly foged glasses, please let me know.



Again, thank you for your replies. Yes. I don’t mean to minimize the importance of an effective mask. At my age (72) getting Covid could definitely be fatal.
I may try a de-fogger or two and see how they work.
Thanks again for all of your responses.


Of for Pete’s sake! Are you 6 FEET away from the other patrons???

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Six feet? No. The “stalls” are less than 3 feet wide, and, depending on how busy the day is, a number of them have two people (friends) sharing them.
If the range isn’t busy, I’ll pull my mask down a bit, but usually it’s packed with people.

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