Daddy is Back! Finally released the PMR-30 Operator Mount. Thank you Guys for hanging in there...and pushing me to get off my sorrow and make this happen!

New PMR-30 Operator Mount Finally Released!

Our Best & Most Entertaining, Informative YT Video so far: KEL-TEC PMR-30 Operator Mount! Best Red Dot Mounting Solution For Your PMR-30! - YouTube

Operator Mount: KEL-TEC PMR-30 Operator Mount - Add a Red Dot for Rapid Target Engagement without Extra PMR 30 Reliability Problems!

PMR-30 Holster: KEL-TEC PMR-30 OWB Operator Mount Holster



Great video chris. :+1:


@Chris Nelson Yes Sir it was nice Video’ and it’s nice to have You Back from the Muck Situation You just went Thru’


Absolutely. :ok_hand:

Thank you , Tony @DivaMarie ,
for making certain that was said.


As Tony said, it “is” great to have you back, and I would even make an addition to that heartfelt sentiment.
Everyone knows it is a full compliment on your plate simply making MCarbo the incredible company it is, to say nothing of everything life has to throw at you.

That understanding being said, I’m going to break one of my hard set rules, risk being presumptuous, and not only speak for someone out of turn but a considerable many.

( not a one likely to let it slip by without notice, unwilling to take exception, or afraid to speak up in dispute)

In this case however, my confidence wins out.

I would like to say for all of us,

“We would be Thrilled” to have you join us here on the forum anytime you could make that possible…

We know without everything else you do, none of this would be possible…

But still, we would pleased to have you sit in with us anytime you could. Even if it is less often than we would hope or wish it could be, we always have a seat waiting.

The MCarbo Brotherhood


@jeffing65 Well Said Young Man’ Less Time on the Face Book Videos and A Occasional ‘‘Hi Their Sports Fans’’ To the This Addicted Group of the ‘‘Brotherhood’’ & The Positive Suggestions and Reply’s & The listening You have done in the Past ! To Make it What it is Today, And To Just say Hi.


I concur with Jeff’s sentiments, and its worth noting that the brotherhood is much better entertainment than tweeter or F*book while " dropping the kids off at the pool".