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CZ85 Compact. Questions

Good afternoon
I need to know if the CZ 75 Trigger Spring Kit can be fitted to the CZ 85 Combat
Thank you



The CZ85 and CZ75 are pretty much the same inside.

The difference is the CZ85 (most of them) have ambidextrous slide release levers and thumb safeties. The frames are different, to accomodate that.

The recoil springs are the same, the hammer springs are the same, the trigger return springs are the same. A Pre B CZ85 or a CZ85 Combat does not have a firing pin block safety in it. The standard CZ85 B does have the firing pin block system/spring just like the CZ75 B models.

I clicked on this due to the thread title “CZ85 Compact. Questions” Something CZ never made for some reason. I’d have bought one. I had to make my own from a CZ75 Compact.

Good luck.