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CZ75 Sp01 tactical double action not working

I watched the videos and managed everything several times.
After installing the full spring kit,

The decock works fine and double action works on decock but not from no cock.

I am fairly positive that the disconnector and trigger bar are in the right place I have done it twice.

Other than that everything went smooth.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Only other thing I have done is install CGW old style 85 trigger.


Did you install the grub screws in the trigger before installing in the gun?

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Yes I did. Should I back them out? Thanks!

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In truth, neither of the screws really serve any purpose unless you’re using it with their reach reduction kit (or possibly their short reset kit). I actually read that somewhere but can’t seem to find the source at the moment. The upper screw is likely the cause of your loss of DA, it can keep the trigger from resetting properly.

I’ve installed three of them along with MCARBO’s spring kits and I typically use the shorter screw with some VC3 (or your choice of thread removable threadlocker) in the lower hole (just to fill it, but you can leave it out) and toss the longer screw in a bag in case I ever decide to try the kit mentioned above. Best to keep the upper hole completely open. Unfortunately, you might have to pull the trigger out to get it out at this point, I’m not sure there’s enough access once it’s installed. Anyway, that should fix your issue, if not, you’ve got something else going on.

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Oh, and welcome to the Brotherhood. :grinning:

Thank you very much that got me where I wanted to go!

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Excellent. Glad to hear that got you sorted. :+1:t2: