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CZ Scorpion Trigger Kit

For anyone wondering the MCARBO CZ Scorpion trigger kit is well worth it. For less than $15 it’s a steal. Takes about 30 minutes to install following the video. I forgot to buy the grease so had to use oil to stick things together and it was not ideal for holding the trigger return spring washer steady.

Prior to install my trigger maxed out a Wheeler spring based trigger scale. After installation initial breaks were at 5 lbs. After a few dry fires it dropped to 4.5 lbs.

Why would CZ put such a heavy trigger in a premium PCC is beyond me.


Liability Marks290, Liability. if it had a 4 lb or less trigger, there would be to many lawsuits from people not familiar with handling a weapon, putting their finger on the bang switch at the im-proper time…


Agreed. Especially anything you are going to move with like in competition.


I installed an HB industries on my Evo pistol and the improvement was significant. Also went to flat trigger at same time. Soon…binary fun!


Have done a fair amount of minor mod’s to my firearms over the past few years, but I nearly freaked trying to swap the trigger and springs on my Evo 3.

Trigger guard screw nearly got the best of me.


HBi sells a special drill bit to get that pesky screw out. Fortunately current production has gone back to just a screw. I have noticed mine loosens up and probably needs some loctite.