CZ Scorpion Micro

I love my Scorpion. Looking at the new ‘micro’ model. My lust for subguns has me thinking that the proposed rules about pistols and braces includes some kind of grandfather clause. In short, they stop new sales but don’t try to rein in what’s already out there. Yes, I know that’s hoping for the best. But it’s no small task for the ATF to rein in a million pistols (maybe more) that don’t meet that new point standard. That’s an enforcement nightmare for them and it’s certain there will be some rebellion, legal challenges, etc. I’m not sure Brandon and his crew have the cojones to further piss off conservatives ahead of a mid-term election. An election where they might get pommeled. They need every vote they can get.

After looking at all the options in this category, this new, smaller Scorpion trumps the Stribog and pistol caliber ARs and AKs. I like all of those but when choosing one, this is my fav.