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CZ PO7 trigger upgrade

I received the trigger upgrade and polishing kit yesterday, and today I followed the instruction video successfully. Getting the first pin out was the hardest part, and I admit, at one point I looked down at the bench full of parts and thought to myself "what the %&^ have I done?", but I now have a very nice trigger! Thanks MCARBO, I couldn’t have done it without that great video.

I didn’t see many posts about PO7s, so thought I would share. I was pretty disappointed with the trigger when I got my new CZ, but it is very nice now. First trigger job I have ever done.


I have installed Cajun Gun Works Defense spring kit, extended firing pin, solid steel firing pin roll pin, complete trigger polish job. Red fiber optic front sight w/ blacked out serrated rear sights. After about 300 rounds the trigger got better before I did the change. Mostly all triggers suck some don’t. Just need to break it in with a couple hundred rounds.

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