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CZ P07 upgrade kit DA pull is still a bit heavy

Hi folks,

I bought the CZ P07 / CZ P09 Trigger Spring Kit for my P07 and installed it per the video and it works great, as well as sanded and polished a few of the parts. Everything is so much smoother now, and while the DA and SA pulls are much lighter now, the DA pull is still a little heavier than I want. The kit’s info says it takes it down to about 6.75 pounds (6lb, 12oz) on average, but I’d like it to be about 6 pounds for the DA pull.

What is the new hammer spring’s weight rating ?

Can I use any other springs to achieve this, and if yes, which one(s) specifically please ?

For example, could I use a 6 pound striker spring from Ghost or Wolff for this ?

Thank you.


For my CZ p07 I have installed Cajun gun works Defensive spring kit. extended firing pin with solid steel roll pin, and complete polish job. The solid steel roll pin purchased at Ghost CZ -USA. The trigger is just outstanding now with 1,000 round down the pipe.


So I recently used the mcarbo video and used his felt tips and flitz polish and polished my trigger bar, sear and hammer for my P07. I also installed Cajun gun works hammer spring, extended firing pin, retaining firing pin, trigger spring and a flat trigger from Shooks which is basically a cerakoted flat trigger from cz custom. I polished and installed everything, followed the video and single action works great, very clean n crisp, pull very light but for some reason DA makes a double click noise. One being the reset at the end of the pull the first one being a mystery click sound. Sometimes the trigger won’t reset and when I fire in DA the hammer doesn’t go all the way down, it’ll stop at the half cocked position. I can’t figure out what I did wrong, David at Cajun says the disco could be getting hung up on something or the sear, I took it to a “smith” and it’s been there 3 weeks. I called today to check on it and the guy said that the trigger was defective but that doesn’t make sense bc single action works great, I asked if he tried the stock trigger and he said he didn’t know and would ask and to call back in two days. I’m about to go pick it up and not use them anymore but I’m curious as to what’s going on, and if anyone has heard of this before? It seems the trigger bar when gently pushed against the wall or grip will make that click noise, I just don’t know how to get the disco or sear where they won’t get snagged, when I insert the sear pin or hammer pin do I need to make sure everything is in a certain position? Mcarbo seemed to just install parts and move to the next step, as I did to and followed along. Single action resets just fine, it’s only DA that gives me issues. It’s bugging the shit outta me and I’m really upset at people at the smith I use, it seems the guy that worked on my pistol got sidetracked and started working on another project, I have no idea what they did as of yet or if they even think the trigger is even defective…sorry for the long winded response just wanna give as much info as possible

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