CZ P07 trigger kit and YT installation video

I’ve already reviewed this but I’ve got to go again. I just finished the Mcarbo spring kit installation using this video on YouTube to also sand and polish. The result was amazing. I love CZ’s and own three including the Shadow 2. This is my favorite, as the shadow, in my opinion is a better overall gun, it also cost a bunch and is not a carry gun. The CZ P07 is a carry gun and super accurate. It did have the normal CZ gritty double action and in a lesser fashion, gritty on the single. After putting in the spring kit and following the YouTube video (which is the best step by step video I’ve ever seen or used) The Mcarbo kit cut the pull in half. The double action is so much better and smooth. The single action change was shocking. Smooth as glass and it cut the pull in half. I tested it with my meter and it was a solid 2.49. This number was following 10 pulls where I got this average. The pull difference was only as high as 2.5 and low of 2.8 with the majority dead on at 2.49. WOW!
Double action was 6.1 average with only a .1 variation high and low. I say this because large deviation between pulls is horrible. This kind of consistency is outstanding and hard to find on trigger upgrades and I’ve done a lot of them on my handguns and rifles. The change in the double action was such a surprise I had to pull over and over to make sure my feel and meter were right. They were
Anyway, this is a very inexpensive mod that will make your great CZ even better. As Mcarbo increases their line of product’s I’ll be looking to purchase if they fit my need. They have proven their quality.
Would love to hear from others that have used their kit and sanding/polishing on P07 trigger kit, and if they had the same outcome.


Thank you to the people that liked my too long post.

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Hi, I’m new here. I have a CZ P07. I’d like to ask if there is an Mcarbo Floating Trigger Pin for the P07. I ordered a floating trigger pin for my CZ 75 P01.

I just received the kit for my P07 but haven’t had time to install it yet…One of these days…