CZ Owners Opinion?


I was just wondering how many people own(ed) CZ and what your opinion is, more on the 75s rather than their rifles but I’m thinking about investing in another CZ and wanted to know if anyone had a negative or positive experience with their service or malfunctions or anything like that, I had the Rami 2075, loved it but I wanted the decocker model and mine was the safety model, so I traded it for my s2k and my Savage 64f. I want a shadow 2, a guy I was shooting next to at the range had one and I let him shoot my s2k and he let me shoot his cajunized CZ 75 shadow 2, I think it runs about $1500 but that thing was smooth as glass, so of course I wanted one and now I’m doing research and what better place than the brotherhood to do that?:grin:


@Omnivious I have a love for Turkish CZ clones. Tristar T-120 is my absolute favorite pistol ever. I’m chiming in simply because I love the CZ design and plan to one day buy a CZ and also because my Tristars have been cajunized and run lights out! :ok_hand:t2:


A Tri-Star is on my wish list. Is the T the steel or aluminum version? P, S, T…I can’t keep track of them.

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I think the t is for tri star 120, I believe all the t120 that I’ve come across were aluminum to keep the weight down, my wish list for hand guns is topped with the sphinx sdp, Swiss made and super precision, for the price range it is great but I can’t afford it, I’d have to take out a loan and pay installments…


@GL9CK T-120 aluminum and S-120 steel. The S-120 also has a Hi-power shaped profile where the T-120 has a Jericho/baby eagle profile.


I think you might have that backwards sir, t120=aluminum, s120=steel.


@Omnivious oops. What you said lol

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Pics for attention :grimacing:


Yeah, that’s very nice, I do like the way the tristars look, more than the CZ…


$350ish for the gun. $400ish to cajunize. $750 and they run like they’re $1500+. Only problem owning them is listening to gun snob jabronis turn their nose up at owning a “terrorist” supported Turkish gun. One idc what people think and that doesn’t bother me. Two the Turks are building go to war Guns for their police and military and they are damn near perfectly built. Some would even argue the clones are better than the real deal. From my personal experience, I own 2 Tristars and 1 Sarsilmaz and they’re all well built and accurate as hell. One of my Tristars has around 25K rounds through it no issues.


Yeah, I have no beef with those turks, they are good gun manufacturers in my book, if people are turning their nose up because terrorists support those weapons or whatever it is they say, the afghans used American weapons that were supplied to them by the US government, sorry if this is too close to politics but my point is that I’m not giving my money to the terrorists, my money is going to an American company that imports (legally) these fine firearms.


Turks make good guns. I love my Canik TP9SF Elite and apparently Canik produces or distributes the Tristars.

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Well, it’s century arms that is the importer to the US for canik, I’m not sure who the importer is for the tristars…


@Omnivious Tristar is a U.S. importer of various foreign firearms that are manufactured to their specifications and sold by them.


Made by Canik, imported by Tristar. Let’s visit the history for a minute if you’d like. Canik was directly importing the T-120 under the name “Shark”. It was called the Canik 55 Shark FC. It is exactly the same as the T-120 except it has ports cut into the slide and the barrel is compensated. The FC stands for “Full size Compensated.” The availability dried up when Canik gave import rights to Tristar. They’re still built by Canik and have the Canik 55 rollmarks on the frame but no longer have the ports. A true T-120 style collector would include the Canik 55 Shark FC, T-120, Jericho 941, and the Magnum Research Baby Eagle. I hope to obtain them all one day. Shark FC being the holy grail/hardest to obtain of the lot.


What does Cajunize mean?

What are Sharks going for the days?


@GL9CK they’re not going for anything because you can’t find them for sale haha. The last one I’ve personally seen for sale was Bud’s Gun shop for $400 back in 2014ish. They’re not on gunbroker, armslist, slickguns, gunwatcher, nothing. I should have jumped the last time I saw it. Cajunized means to send your CZ/CZ clone to Cajun Gunworks in Louisiana. They are the preeminent CZ pistol tuners in the country. If you want a CZ race gun for competing or whatever then you send it to them. They turned my factory Tristar from a 6 lb single action to like a smidge over 3 lbs by polishing the internals, changing the hammer, springs, and pins in the gun.


good to get the run down, why are the tp9 series of handguns imported by century? they just decide that one company can’t handle the entire line up? I don’t really know a whole lot about the tristars, I have done some research on it because in my quest to find a good all metal framed pistol, it came up, not all that widely known but to people who own them, I have not heard a person bad mouth a tristar, the snobs who have never fired the gun, or maybe never even fired A gun, might say it’s a terrorist gun or it’s just a clone, but it is a very good clone and in some ways better then the original. If you take something and take it to the next level with the same platform? I’d say that’s a great service to the industry and consumers such as myself. I like the sphinx because it’s basically a swiss precision CZ based design. going back to the CZ shadow though, and speaking of cajunizing, the shadow has a 4-5 pound trigger pull out of the box, when cajunized, it is about 2-2.5 lbs trigger pull, it is so nice, it had me hitting the bullseye at 20 yards and my eyes are terrible and I’m not a marksman, you just have to shoot it to believe it…


@Omnivious Tristar is mostly known for shotguns. As far as Canik goes they’ve moved away from the older stuff and focus almost exclusively on the TP9 which won pistol of the year last year. My only experience is with the T-120 and K2 .45


well, to the TP9, I can say from experience, it is an excellent example of a polymer framed pistol, for the money, it does not get any better. I shot the tp9sfx which is their out of the box “race gun” and again for the money $500, you cannot beat it, interchangeable optic mount plates, 5+ inch barrel, lightening cuts on slide, 3-4 lbs trigger(out of the box), it’s got some great features for the price and I am planning on getting one but right now I’m on the all metal frame kick and I don’t know about you guys but I love the feel of cold metal when I grip a gun, you just don’t get that with polymer, I love my polies too, the shield is my shield when I’m working and it is very comfortable to have all day long due to it’s light weight but when I go to the range or just plinking around? I would much rather have a all metal frame.