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Cz 75 Trigger Kit For The Tz 75?

Has anyone put this trigger kit in their tz 75? As far I can tell, all the springs are compatible. The only problem I can tell is that the safety on the tz is on the slide instead of the frame. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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I do not own a TZ 75, however I know there are two styles of CZ 75 clones.

The first style guns (for example Canik) have the same firing pin safety block as CZ. When the shooter pulls the trigger the sear goes down. However, there is an arm on the right of it, which goes up. It pushes the safety block up. That allows the firing pin to go all the way forward and hit the the primer.

The second style guns (for example Tanfoglio and Sar Arms) have design superior to the original.The firing pin safety block has to go down (not up!) to allow the firing pin to go all the way forward. To work with that there is no arm to push it up. The sear is one piece. When the shooter pulls the trigger, both sides of the sear go down. The benefit here is that the trigger pull is not fighting against the firing pin safety spring.

To check what design TZ 75 uses remove the slide from the frame. Next remove the barrel from the slide.
Now try to push with the tip of a pen the firing pin. When doing that, do not touch the firing pin safety block, let it be all the way down.
If you see the tip of the firing pin protruding, you have the second design.

If you do not see the tip, try to push the firing safety block up and while holding it repeat the test above.
If you see the tip, you have the first design.

Now back to your question. For the first design you want the light firing pin safety spring. For the second design you need the original spring.


Thanks Ivan, I’ll have to check that out!!

Oops, I messed up above one critical word. It is fixed now.


I forgot one more important thing.

Some CZ clones have a full-size hammer spring and long hammer strut. Others have very short ones.
Again Canik is in the first category, while Tanfoglio and Sar are in the second.

The guns in the first category have a pin at the bottom back of the handgrip. It holds a cap or a lanyard loop, which contains the hammer spring. That is the same as in Beretta 92FS.

The guns in the second category do not. The hammer strut and sping are up above, where the web of your hand sits when you hold the gun.

To check, which design TZ 75 used, take off the grips if there are any.
Next, look if there is a pin at bottom back, holding a cap, which in turn keeps the hammer spring in the frame.
Here it is in Chris’ video: https://youtu.be/cX3AnGVnwWk?t=1214.

If there is, you can use the hammer spring from the kit.
If not, you will need a different one. I think Wolff had one, but I have never used it.


Good day! I just finished up a EAA Witness P in 10 mm a CZ 75 Clone.
And can say I wouldn’t have kept the handgun if not for the custom tuned trigger. Just U Tube it for parts. Very nice hand gun it turned out to be