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CZ 75 flatter trigger

Anyone out there that has put in an old style trigger or flatter battle trigger? which one did you like best. I have the decocker version so I know some of them won’t work on that model.


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Not sure if I welcomed you when you joined but…Welcome to the Brotherhood @Rambo!

Just sold my CZ 75 but was interested in the same, still would like something flatter and with less reset for my 97B. There are a couple CZ guys on the boards here, @em44052 comes to mind and possibly @Dred, they might be able to help once they catch your post.

Slightly OT, if you’re in the market for a mildly used (100 rds) Kadet 2 .22lr adapter for your 75, I might know I guy that might be able to help… :wink:

@Rambo, This is a link to what I did to my Shadow 2
Shadow 2 flat trigger SAO

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This is after I tweaked it a bit with the over travel and take up adjustments:

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@Rambo, since you have a decocker, I recently finished installing the CGW pro package including the short reach trigger. I believe it feels much better than the stock trigger.

Before Picture:


CZCustom has some new flat triggers in stock rn.