CZ 600 Alpha in .223 Rem w/24" Threaded Barrel

Seen one? Own one? If not, know anybody that has/does? Am a bit concerned about that barrel length and trying to do some pre-purchase research. Don’t want regrets like the last Beretta and can’t find any in-stock within reasonable driving distance.


Whats gonna be your primary use for the rifle? And whats your concerns about the 24" barrel? I dont know anything about the cz600 alpha but a buddy has a savage axis bolt action in 223 and its been a good reliable rifle. Heres first link i found listing it. Savage Arms Axis II XP Black Bolt Action Rifle - 223 Remington - Matte Black | Sportsman's Warehouse Its half the price of the cz rifle. Mossberg and a few others also make bolt guns in 223 caliber if its bolt action 223 your lookin for.


Use? It’ll probably be another safe queen after break-in, like all the others, lol!

Kinda hard to explain but I just like euro guns plus Gunprime has 'em now @ $419 after $100 rebate til 12/31


I’ll agree with @HandyDave. Take a look at the Savage. I avoided Savage rifles like the plague for years. I started seeing articles about some of their newer inexpensive rifle/scope combos and decided to give one a try. Bought the Savage model 11 Hunter XP in .243. I was pleasently surprised to see 1/2" groups @ 100 yards. I bought a second one in .308. Had some problems with it at first (4" groups @ 100 yards). Removed the scope and mounts and then reinstalled them. It is now shooting sub 1" groups @ 100 yards. The accutrigger is one of the better factory triggers on the market and is fully adjustable.
I paid under $600 for each of these rifles @ Wally World and find myself grabbing these rifles over rifles I have as much as $3000 invested in.
Pretty sure you can get it in .223.


419 is a great price compared to everywhere else ive seen them listed. Id say for that price buy it shoot it and if it dont work for you youll have no problem getting your money back out of it to someone else. Since they list for around 600 you might even profit after you run a few rounds through it. I keep lookin at bolt guns in 350 legend to designate as my “deer” rifle but trying finish up a few projects before jumpin on another rifle.


My Savage Precision A10 is one hell of a .22lr. we’re talking same hole at 50 yards every shot from a rest with that gun.

Don’t knock a high end Savage.

That said my M&P Sport II also puts them through the same hole at 100 consistently. We’re talking 1/8 MOA on a rest with no wind at 100 with decent ammo. It’s only a 16" barrel and it’s just an AR but it’s rock solid.

If you want to go long with a punch and don’t want to go Lapua just get a good .308. A .223 won’t cut it compared to the .308 or a 6.5 Creedmore.

I buy precision guns. If I buy something that’s not I modify it until it is.

Even if I’m shooting quick for fun. This was a 25 emptying 25 rounds in 30 seconds using the bipod.


screw the CZ, I’d rather have this!