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Current Projects/Builds


Well a buddy had a couple nib Gen 2 Aero lowers and needed some cash. So now i guess i have a couple more projects to do.
Thinking of building one for the daughter in 223 wylde and then probably do the other as a second 6.5 grendel.


The 300 blackout pistol is finally complete other than optic, i may do a more detailed post about the build if theres interest.


Looks great! I wanted to get one of those PSA Dont step on snek lowers but were out of stock when i went to order one.


Keep an eye on gundeals on redit, psa has been releasing small batches of the snek lowers every few weeks for the past couple months

Next paycheck ill be picking up a poverty acog (primary arms 3x prism scope) and with any luck will get some pigs over the summer and a white tail or 2 this fall with it.



Very cool. I am waiting for my 10/22 Magnum Research barrel before my ‘Christmas Build’ is complete. I will have a Polymer 80 19X to finish before I go for a 556. However, I am sure that the wife wants her 10/22 Custom before anything else is started? Lol


The wife now wants me to use one of the lowers and build her a custom ar. Shes a Michigan wolverines fan so wants it in blue and yellow. The custom color stuff can get pricey and she likes the anodized look over the cerakote which can be a bit more expensive too. That one will take a little longer to acomplish, but im not complaining. Not everyone has a woman that can appreciate the love of firearms!


You sir, are a VERY lucky man! :metal:


I keep telling myself that exact same thing. Its nice not having to explain a new purchase, but the downside is i generally have to get her one too. Oh well. Happy wife, happy life!!!


@Chris19d that’s one bad jam brother!



team, you can obviously ‘see’ my excitement on this Custom Build as I near the finish. My barrel and Red Dot arrive tomorrow. I will ‘scrounge’ up a parts list (just in case anyone wants any future build ideas?) I am sure it was money well spent… I cannot wait to get to the range!


Looks great, I am a huge fan of thumbhole stocks. Have a grey and black one on my Thompson Center Omega 50cal blackpowder rifle.


It is my first thumbhole stock unit! This rifle is believed to weigh in about 5.5 pounds when complete~ I cannot wait until its ‘intended’ use!!!


@lonewolf i have no likes at moment but your project is looking good :+1::+1:


Many thanks, Kieran. It was a labor of love, for sure!


Got a RPG, forend and heatshield from ATI coming for the Winchester. Got them dirt cheap, so thank you very much for the link. Found an 18" defender barrel too, another site, but not quite ready to pull the trigger on that. The 1200 has been a great shotgun for a lot of years. I think it’s gonna be even better when I get it finished.

Also, just finished with my AR, well except optics. Got BUIS ordered, too. I’ll put them on later this week. I finished with a little over $300 left in my budget for this gun. All of that will go to optics.

And here is the Winchester (bottum) and 4 others that are getting upgrades.

At the top is my old 30-06 Rem 742. About to be converted to straight pull bolt action with adjustable stock and free floating handguard. Topped off with a much better scope and bipods. I’ve even found a more comfortable “bolt” handle for it. This project will be a bit expensive, way more than the rifle will be worth, but I’m really excited about doing it.

The 742 has a known issue of wearing out after a few hundred rounds, blocking the gas port off will eliminate the excessive wear and give the rifle a much longer life. Converting to pump is one option. Straight pull is the other. My Woodsmaster still functions very well and I feel this is the perfect time to save it. I have tremendous sentimental value in all the above guns.

Thanks for reading.


@ lonewolf good to see it has come together FANCY that blue Boyds(?).

Took mine out for a spin a few weeks ago. .22 is so fun for the buck !!!


Yes, it is a Boyds. I put all the ‘bells and whistles’ into it. I will post all the GOODIES. I have about $900 in the project (all in.)


Start saving for the can - it ain’t finished till it’s quiet. Least that’s the basic 10/22 fanboy progression in these parts. The rimfire can then quickly spawns cans in every caliber it’s easy to keep subsonic. Then the cans to make supersonic rounds hearing safe start arriving. The 10/22 build is a classic gateway drug - be careful.


I am guessing that the FedEx crew is not supporting Current Projects/Builds??? They dropped off my Red Dot, but not my barrel. It was sent ‘signature required.’ I was home, but was delivered to my service door. All tenants were home, too! How frustrating when there were delivery instructions. Hopefully, delivery will not get ‘botched up again…’


@lonewolf must have been that king of queens guy :joy::joy: