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Current Projects/Builds


THis is my A22 with boyds

It took me about 5 hours to fit the action.
I had to grind a lot out of it so the mag would work properly. then worked until I could mount it and slide 2 new crisp $100.00 bills from front of stock to Barrel Band. then dug out some extra and glassed it.
Shoots like a winner:boom:



Nice setup! I knew i had the right idea? winks. I know it wont be an easy project but I am sure I will enjoy the concept once it is complete? I also am ‘battling’ with the idea of turning it to an AR style. I figured that one I drill out the receiver, it will ‘speak’ to me… The other point is I really didnt decide on the purpose, other than ‘purely’ self-satisfaction. Lol.


Nothing as fancy as yours buy any means. but here is my 10/22 long barrel
I bought this NEW at a local store for around $250.00 because it had sat on the shelf for so long because of the 24" barrel.
Nothing real elaborate.
BX trigger
drilled receiver
did extensive polishing on inside surfaces of receiver and bolt
modified bolt catch plate
drilled, pinned and bedded receiver at rear
Bedded the barrel band
of course the extended mag release and bolt release.
Leupold VARI X III 3.5x10



It was not the concept of being elaborate. The 10/22 is an excellent gun and Ruger knew what they were doing when they were first designed! There are always different parts for them. I just want to build it once! Just like my desire to build an AR. Then it will be a matter of purpose when defining the calibre. When designing my 10/22, I had thought about doing it as a ‘magnum’ or 17. Again, it is all about the ‘purpose?’ Decisions, decisions!!!


I so much agree with the design of the gun “THE MOST ACCESSORIZED GUN IN THE WORLD”.
I did not know the caliber could be changed. That is new to me!


Its croc skin pattern hydrographic film it turned out really good i really like doing the hydrographics it lets every gun be one of a kind and offers a great protective finish


Built a 40 cal AR pistol with 8.5" barrel a few months ago. After initial feed problems being sorted out, it’s now running like a Swiss watch. Latest project is a 6.5r Creedmoor long range rifle. Load development is ongoing for it.


Great looking gun. Really like the looks and fit of the laminated thumbhole stocks. I have one in gray/black on my Thompson Center Arms 50cal muzzleloader. With it’s 26in. stainless fluted barrel, the combo is a real beauty.


Those are great looking 10-22’s. Mine looks nothing like them, I just put an ATI M-4 style stock on it. I use it to practice my AR tactics and techniques. Way cheaper than using .556 rounds. Yours’ look as much like a sculpture as they do a rifle. Fantastic jobs on them.


Working on my newest budget Ar pistol build. Got the lower complete. Aero lower. Alg act trigger. Strike industries fang trigger guard, extended bolt release, mag release, ambi safety and takedown pins. Springs and detents from my small ar parts bin. Will be using an Aero assembled upper.
Ordered 10.5" ss barrel, 12" lightweight handguard, Kak micro slimline flash can, strike industries skeletonized gas block and ss carbine length tube. Also have the strike industries link angled foregrip, Tacticon 45° iron flip up sights and Firefield Barrage 1.5-5×32 scope coming. Had a spare Anderson Nib bcg laying around I’ll use for this as well. Odin extended charging handle and a 550 paracord single point sling to finish it off. All in all will have around $550 in it. Built the way i want. Thats what i love.
Pic of completed lower. Will post pic upon completion next weekend. All parts should be here by end of the week. Big kids legos!


I have two mini 14’s A 195 series ranch rifle and a new 584 series Tactical. They both shot ok out of the box BUT with the addition of a trigger job, recoil spring and buffer, Barrel strut and adjustable gas block or bushings and the right ammo they will do MOA at 100yrds. Don’t believe the naysayers, Right they will never be an AR I wanted a .223/556 that wasn’t an ar platform I already have those. Next purchase will be a mini 30 to go along with my SKS and AK. Lots of toys and only a few calibers Keeping it simple. Hey in reality you only need to shoot 4 MOA at 500yrds to get the job done if you know what I mean.


Thank you for the information. The deal fell through but I still have the mini on my list of firearms to purchase.



I have a stainless Mini 30 and agree with you about the Mini 14’s. I had the barrel threaded, had a trigger job done, installed heavier recoil and hammer spring, added a bolt buffer, installed an adjustable gas block with barrel strut and put it in a Hogue stock. I also installed a forward picatinny rail with Burris Scout scope, it’s a little different set up than normal but I really like it. Just wanted something that shot a 7.62x39 that was not an AK.


dry run assembling the 300 aac pistol ive been working on. USPS still has my 8" ballistic advantage premium barrel, and the trigger and buffer tube are place holders. It will be getting a SB3 brace and larue tactical trigger, and a 3x primary arms prism sight in the near future. One of the primary uses for this will be a super light/compact hunting rig, and i 100% will take a white tail with it in 2019 (have to wait since employment issues slowed down gun builds end of 2018 and ruined my 2018 deer season, didnt get out once last season).


GP100 trigger job/Range day results.
I got the trigger kits done on the GP100’s. All 3 went well, with the 6" pull being cut by more than 50%. The next step was to take it to the range and test for accuracy and reliability. My project goal was to put a fist sized group at 100 yds, without any sacrifices in safety or primer strike reliability. I shot 2 boxes of Hornady 125 gr. XTP .357 without a single light primer strike. Revolver safety and function is just like factory. Here is the last group of the day:

Here is the range:

Target is on the left target frame at the back of the 100 yard range
Thanks for the great kit!


Well the kak micro flash can for my build is to short so had to order the full length slim flash can. Had this faux suppresor laying around so threw it on for the pic. Optics should be here Saturday, but other than that the new build is complete.


I just received my new Ruger BX trigger. Every delivery reminds me of ‘Christmas…’ I have a few more parts to arrive before I can DIVE into my Custom 10/22 build and I seem to be suffering from Heinz Disease… freakin’ A N T I C I P A T I O N . . . It’s keepin’ me waitin! So, for now, I will just keep ya’ in the dark, too!!! Big smiles.


Finally got the 6.5 creedmoor Ar10 assembled, still needs test fired, painted (Yes i know the plastic is atleast 3 different colors, they were on sale and i said im painting it…) and scope mounted. Shes a big girl, but not as heavy as i was worried shed end up

With bonus doggo


Finally got the flash can ive been waiting on. Lost in the mail for 9 days. All complete now. Hopefully, weather permitting, hit the range this weekend.


Well a buddy had a couple nib Gen 2 Aero lowers and needed some cash. So now i guess i have a couple more projects to do.
Thinking of building one for the daughter in 223 wylde and then probably do the other as a second 6.5 grendel.