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@ValorSolo Try Choate Machine Tool, they make 20 ga. specific parts .


Yes sir, that will work. They have some very nice stuff and good prices. Now I’m thinking I’ll do the Winchester and the Remington at these prices. Thank you bud.


forgot to put the website, www.atioutdoors.com


Hell yeah. They got some good stuff there to. I must be terrible at searching for things. Thanks guys.


my continuing Love /Hate relationship with AIMPOINT has spawned another functional
COMP M2. this one had a busted out rear lens(plastic/lexan) was missing a U-D screw and batt cap, and the ground wire had come away from the power board. was kinda skuffy, so I repainted it , after running 25 rnds thru it to check it out. 25$ outlay for the parts only sight, scavenged the parts out of my “busted aimpoint box” ( if the LED is blown they parts only)

this is my 5th repair on one for myself, and probably 60 th overall. added a clear lens shade off a early aimpoint scope, (pre-comp M/ML series) tough use site, which i like, company wont stand behind their product past 1 generation. which i dont like . found out 1 reason, not 1 authorized distributor in the USA. not 1. but they do have one in Ho Chi Minh city…scratch that ,SAIGON I will fix their stuff, for my and my buddies use, cause i just aint round-filing a $500 and up sight, but i will be damned if i buy anything new from them… wonder how they got a gvt contract, when they are not made /authorized distribution here…ODD:rage:


I know that ‘everyone’ is anxious about my 10/22 80% receiver build, just as I am!!! My wife bought me a Ryobi 10" drill press. I was in need of an adequate combination vise and a ‘new’ paint job, I don’t know why Ryobi enlisted ‘puke green’ as their choice of color? Hope you like MY choice…


25 years ago my ryobi table top press was the same color… and the vise was a electric blue… think they assume most that drill/machine/weld repeat as necessary are color blind…


@GOBLIN For sure, Buck! I had ‘almost’ purchased a WEN painted black and orange. I am ‘still’ attracted to my Harley Davidsons… It would have cost $5 less and would have taken 2 extra days to ship!!! According to my wife, my paint job passed her inspection…


Just got this piece in recently. I’m still figuring out what the final product will look like.


Fresh from TriggerHappy Designs “Skunkworks” R&D bench. This idea first came to me about a year ago and involved about $100 investment in parts to experiment with and quite a few hours of cutting, grinding, sanding, and fitting. I just finished it today (finally) and I am super “TriggerHappy” with it. :grinning: :+1: This is my handcrafted Sub2k spare mag carrier…


OUTSTANDING AND WELL DONE :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::+1:


Fascinating. Did you just order extra grip halves?


@TheThreeLaws I ordered grips and a butt stock to cut up. I wanted to keep my original stock in case I failed. I already had a mag catch and screws and pins left over from doing those upgrades. I also needed to order another mag release spring.





Ruger GP100 trigger projects ready for the MCRABO transformation…


This is a build I did not long ago. I classified it M60PG, for model 60 perimeter gun. It’s part of a weapons system I use where ever my family and I are. This is my perimeter 2 gun. I can go into the system I use for those interested. Many custom mods, plantings, coatings, build sheet is long. Not sure if this pic uploaded from my android, see what happens. I have more pics of it.



Tried to post a picture of it I don’t think it worked or something was hidden I’m not sure


Just got done with a mossberg 12ga pump for my father


:+1::+1::+1:What kind of a wrap is THAT ?

LOOKS real nice with the blued metal.


@lonewolf, my god man what are you doing to your drill press ! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Turmeric1 I currently have an 80% anodized blue 10/20 receiver with a JWH Custom X-22 bolt kit. I will be installing a Volquartsen Trigger Group and Kidd 18" fluted barrel w/threaded compensator (just waiting to be fit with a supressor.) A Boyd “open fingered” blue stock to finalize the build (at least the plan until the rest of my money is in my hand?) LMAO BTW, doesn’t the drill press look better??? winks