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I know, right??? lol. I was ‘trying’ to get the fixture on my desk… Unfortunately, I am only working with my laptop camera… SorryI just found the camera and I need to look for the HDMI cord so I can upload ‘better’ pictures… You guys seem a little more ‘advanced’ than me? lmao. Dont worry, I will catch up!


@lonewolf You can go back and delete some of those pictures, hit the little pencil to edit. But you got 4 likes already so maybe they like your determined face. :thinking:



Geeze, Dave and I thought I was darn good looking for a 'grumpy ol man… :thinking:


I hope youre happy now? I guess there is ‘no solicitation’ in this forum??? :rofl:


Wow, there is ‘bunches’ of EYE CANDY all over the internet for my 10/22 Custom Build. I can tell you this, it will be a moch up of an AR ‘style’ rifle… Wait until you all see. I am salivating just thinking about it! :rofl:


So the Magpul AFG I got for my AR pistol didn’t work, as the second MLOK slot is blocked by the gas block. So I decided to channel my inner Bubba, and cut it in half and installed it as a handstop. Actually works great with a thumb-over-bore grip that also let’s me control the new PL2 Valkyrie light I installed

Next step is trying to install my Law tactical folder. I realized it’s a castle nut less buffer tube so I’m not sure if it’ll work.

Then I’ll probably swap the A2 birdcage for either a linear comp, or a muzzle break I can later mount a suppressor to. Maybe swap out the charging handle for a Radian Raptor LT


Another idea I just started considering is converting my Shield from .40 to .357 Sig. I had already considered converting it to 9mm, but that would require buying new mags. It’s not too fun to shoot in .40 and .357 sounds snappy as well, but that power would be impressive and there’s some novelty to it.

Kona, you have Shields and like .357Sig, any thoughts?


@TheThreeLaws I hear quite a few people say .357SIG is just as harsh as .40 to shoot or worse. The smallest .357SIG pistol I’ve shot was a Glock 33 and it was fine to me. I would say if you’re not a fan of shooting the Shield .40 then you won’t be much of a fan shooting it in .357SIG either.


@Kona it’s not uncomfortable, just not terribly fun haha. Definitely wouldn’t be a range toy, but it isn’t now. More something interesting and a powerful self defense option.


@TheThreeLaws I would say you will never know until you try it yourself, what’s a barrel cost?..about $150.


Pretty much. Plus some ammo. I’ll keep considering it. I don’t carry it too much, this might lead to me carrying it a little more.

It’s a novel cartridge, and I wouldn’t hate having something that can shoot it. But not sure what else I’d get, unless I go full hipster and get the stainless P226 I want in it


Double post cus I realized the company making conversion barrels has a combo of 40 to 9mm and .357, with a 9mm mag, for $290, and that’s awful tempting.



So two conversion barrels and a mag?..that is not bad. What company is offering this?



Yeah that was my thought. Basically a free mag, and M&P mags usually run 25-30 bucks. Not mind blowing but a solid deal, and gives options. A three caliber gun isn’t bad, especially as I transition from mostly .40 to more 9mm. Let new shooters try 9mm, practice with .40, carry .357.

I’d probably need a customized hard case for the gun and barrels/mags…


@TheThreeLaws So not bad but maybe not great, that is also their regular price from what I see…on sale would be better. It is nice that they offer that set everything included.


P80 34 build still need to clean up stippling border, install magwell, and have an adjustable rmr on the way for it.


My current project, and after the upcoming move north, will be to finish off my 1950 Colombian FN Mauser in 30-06. I t had been assaulted by a Buba who knew nothing of FN’s. I found a stock on Numerich, and am slowly working a Turkish upper handguard into an FN handguard as it was what I can find that is close. The stock is a gorgeous walnut, and has nice grain lines. I can’t wait to get it done but it is a back burner with the move coming up. The rifle was semi sporterized, but it still has the original stepped 30-06 barrel with a good bore.


I’m wanting to build a tactical shotgun out of one of my 20 gauge guns.
Winchester 1200 pump or Remington 1100 auto. Not sure which one yet.
I guess it will depend on parts availability. Everything seems to be 12 gauge only.
I only need a stock, forend and extension tube to get started. Any ideas?

I don’t want to alter any of my 12 gauge guns, or buy a new gun.
I have a S&W 1000 auto in 12 gauge, I might would consider for a mod.


all parts are available for 20 ga, Mossburg, Winchester and Remington. lot of em if it fits a 12 it fits a 20



Everything I’ve seen specify 12 ga only. Maybe I haven’t looked in the right places.