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Looks good! What brace are you gonna use? I swapped pistol grips for Magpul’s K2+, and like the more vertical orientation.


Using the SB3 - it is sorta hiding in the corner of the pic. But, I’ll shoot another pic when I swing through the range for a live fire function check this afternoon.


Yeah that’s what came with mine. Only was able to put a few rounds through it but I like it.

Brownells is running a 10% off and free shipping code, might use that to get the Law Tactical folder for $210 or so. Not sure Dead Foot’s option that let’s you fire folded is worth an extra $150. Not gonna be used like a carry gun where .5 seconds will be life or death, probably. Plus LT’s option is a little more compact.


Anyone have any experience with a Ruger Mini 14? I have a chance to purchase a new firearm at a low price. A friend has won one on a raffle and does not want it.



I’d search youtube on the mini 14. I personally searched hard for someone that could get one to perform like an AR - never found anyone so I don’t have one on my shopping list.

But I love their look.


@Smoke I had one for about 2 months and sold it. Accuracy was meh, it throws spent brass like 30 ft, rocker mags are finicky to insert, proprietary mags too. I’d take that money and buy something else unless you really have your heart set on it.


Dred and Knoa,

Thanks for the information. I’ve done some research and what I’m going to pay for it will be less than 1/2 the price at a gun shop. The sell wants some cash to purchase a bow.


@Smoke sounds like you have your mind made up then. lol. On a positive note, Mini 14 almost never gets included in assault weapons ban conversations.


ok … I’m smiling. And, I would still have my Tavor if they’d been quicker releasing their 300 Blackout kit. Yes, she functions supersonic and subsonic, even holds the bolt open on empty mags.

So now I’ve just got to break this barrel nut so I can swap the hand guard and start figuring on a sighting solution.


@Smoke I’d say depends on what you expect to get out of it. I had one it was fun. Close to mid range home defense would be where I would categorize it. As @Kona stated if your looking for an accurate longer distance .223 I would look elsewhere.


Damn good point @Kona



Thanks for the replies!! I didn’t have my mind made up but I was leaning toward buy it. Only paying 1/2 price for a descent firearm was one of the buying points. Most likely not getting confiscated in an assault weapons ban was another. Thanks again!!


Is this the Don that might shoot at the south canyon range? (GWS) if so howdy, if not howdy and I like your idea.


Nope. Never heard of South Canyon Range. Im in Northwest Indiana, that sounds more out west to me.


Finally got a chance to shoot the AR9, put 200 rounds through it. Ran flawlessly, bolt hold open (notoriously finicky on ar9s) worked every time with every mag I tried oem glock, kci, magpul both pistol lengths and 33 round mags. Was stacking rounds at 25m (longest i could shoot at the indoor range) when i was shooting for groups. Very handy little gun, definately want to get a can on it eventually.


Got a ar-15 to finish up, just some basic parts left, .223 wyld barrel ballistic advantage, somewhat lightweight build, aero atlas one-s, psa nickelboron big, thordsen featureless stock. Also a ar-9 but that one is moving along like molasses if I get going on it again. Tinkering and polishing up the trigger group for my scorpion evo 3 carbine (that’s is one fun gun). Also saving up some $ to take some classes in 2019.


I have the heavy recoul spring kit and mag follower buttons for my mark 3. It’s volquarten brand parts. It has the smoothest trigger pull off all my guns. 2 lbs with no creep or slack. Sweet gun now. I have a nustar red dot sight on it. I fire about 1000 rounds through it a month


Getting some progress made on the ultra light 6.5 creedmoor ar-10 platform. Coming along great and is really light as it sits. Takedown pins needed a lot of work to fit (to thick anodizing). But they are in there now.


Well everyone, my 10/22 receiver just arrived… I still have to wait for the rest of my Christmas presents to arrive before I can start it… I cannot wait!!!



@lonewolf What are we looking at?..besides you.:laughing: Your pictures are all over the place. Oh, ok I see the receiver on the table…I think.