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No doubt. The sky is the limit. But for someone on a budget theres plenty of options out there for sure.


Making progress on these two. 7000 bits are home and the can of tan bedliner is ready for the stock.

And I did some shopping on the now officially a 300 BO build build.

I ordered up:

PSA 8.5" 1:8 kit


Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp


9" Handuard 'cause I like the look

Come the end of the month I’ll be looking at triggers.


I just got a complete PSA .300 BO pistol. Like it so far. Let me know how you like that linear comp–I’ll probably want something to replace the default birdcage, until such a day as I might get a suppressor.

I’m thinking of getting a Law Tactical folding adaptor. Would bring down the OAL folded to around 20 inches, perfect backpack size. Otherwise, minimal changes. Magpul K2+ grip should be nice. Gotta find a light that doesn’t look goofy on that tiny handguard.


Regarding the linear comp, it’s the tits. I don’t have it in 30 cal, but I have it/run it in 223 and 22lr. In my case, I just don’t care much for the included birdcage so swapping it for a can placeholder I like.

You probably know better than me but be VERY careful modifying the pistol stock on your 300. It is very easy to find yourself holding an unregistered short barreled rifle. And, I’m serious about easy … throw some padding on a pistol brace = instant sbr. I don’t know if the folding adapter will screw that pooch for its function, but you’ve got a restricted LOP max dimension not to exceed.

I will eventually swap out the brace for:

just because I think it’s cool and it comes with an ATF approval letter for use on pistols.


I know the folder can be used on Pistols, but I’ll check that it would be fine for me. Think it adds under 2". Brace just has to be under 13.5 right?

I’ll take a look at that comp. Not planning on using it indoors or anything, but could be good to have. Or I’ll just take the birdcage off for a little shorter OAL.

The PDW is definitely cool. Would be a little longer than a folder, but thinner, and no issues firing (folder won’t cycle, so one shot is all you get folded). Might go with that. Price isn’t dramatically different


@Dred @TheThreeLaws yep 13.5 LOP on AR pistol. Law folder totally acceptable as long as you don’t go over 13.5 by adding it.


Got the final couple pieces to the puzzle today at my local gunshow. Picked up an Anderson Nib bcg, extended ambi charging handle, and ss flash hider. All together now. 18" ss spiral fluted barrel built on a BCI lower with cmmg lpk and Alg Act trigger group. 15" free float keymod handguard. Topped with a Cabelas 3-12×40 scope mounted with a 1 piece cantilever mount.
Probably be a week or so before i can go run her, especially with deer season starting for me next weekend. Cant wait though!


@Dred if you’re interested–Here’s an alternative to the Law Tactical folder. More pricey but you can choose the side it folds and can fire while folded.


Oh but I do. Added two weeks ago. PIX soon.


Got the first batch of parts for the 6.5 CM AR10 today, recievers, barrel, lpk (minus trigger), magpul k2 pistol grip, and reciever extension. Assembled the forward assist and ejection port cover, about as far as i can go until i decide on a handguard and gas block. Lowers built just need to pick up a trigger.

Other than that just need to order the optic, think thinking ill start with a vortex diamondback 4-14x and save up for somethong fancier. I have a Larue Tactical LT139 mount i took off my ar15 DMR when it became a cop friends duty rifle which saves me a little $. Pretty much the only parts bin item going on this rifle.


Spent an hour trying to figure out why UPS was telling me a package from Geissele Automatics was getting delivered tomorrow when i havent ordered anything from them recently. After digging through my email i remembered that ALG Defense was kinda Geissele but not for when they need to cheat that woman owned business advantage on a .gov contract (alg is owned by his wife). Apparently last time they were on sale i picked up a 10" rail from them in totally not FDE brown. IDK why id buy a 10" rail, its shorter than i like for carbines, and longer than id need for any of the ar pistols id been considering. Guess at some point a 12" 300 blackout carbine is in my future, only thing i can think of doing with it…


Pistol grip and light added, and a more compact 20rd PMAG. MLOK AFG doesn’t work cus the gas block prevents the second bottom slot from being used. Might cut the grip and use it as a handstop.

Put the right side light mount on the left because the MBUS was just barely in the way, but this keeps the light in a convenient location. Just a 1000lm Thrunight I’ve retired off my patrol belt and replaced with a 3200lm Olight R50 Pro. A little large but if I end up with a folder on the left it won’t matter.

Should get the Holosun in tomorrow


The reviews on the things seem to be all over the map, mostly 1’s or 5’, and little in between. I guess they either work, or they don’t. If we picked one up, it would also be for home protection on the other side of the bedroom, opposite our MKA. So I’d like a dependable weapon.


I’m building a Marlin 60 right now. I messed up and didn’t buy the e clip kit. . I will get it and the trigger too. I have the spring kit installed. I have a BSA Sweet 22 3x9x40 scope installed. I will get the hyper velocity recoil spring too. Should have bought the bundle. I just finished my Mark 3 trigger kit. I used a Volquartson kit in it. Its one sweet pistol now. 2 lb trigger that is one of the best i have. I have a red dot sight on it. It’s wicked fast shooting turtles on my pond.
I have a Mcarbo trigger kit in my Mossberg 835. Great mod. I have timmney springs in my 1100 trap. 2 lb pull. I hate stock triggers


@FoldedCarbine If I know the Guns just gonna be a range jam or whatever I’m a little more forgiving of the reviews. I still don’t wanna buy a piece of junk but I’d be willing to try that .410


Finished converting Mossberg 500 to Bullpup about a month ago. Camouflaged it, holographic sight on top, angled forearm grip and installed M*Carbo trigger spring kit. Waiting to get 2-90 degree offset rails and then attach a 5-round side saddle to them.


You probably recognize my signature bedliner …

This here is my newest Marlin 7795 - no typo. I scored the salvage parts off a decommissioned Marlin 7000. Then I bought a new Marlin 795. Got to 7795 by adding them together.

She’s ready for treatments by M*Carbo and DIP. Then I gotta work out some kinda sighting solution.


More project progress. I dressed an AR pistol lower and slapped on a 300 Blackout 8.5" upper on top:


Lookin’ good! Didn’t recognize your work without the signature truck liner😆


Just placed an order today for my newest project. Had the idea for awhile but going to give .450 Bushmaster a try. Going to take a couple months to decide and buy the rest of the pieces (Stock, scope, mounts, bipod and a few odd and ends) also reloading dies and factory or modified magazines.