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The drum was korean, that being said ive had 0 issues with my korean mags other than this the 15s 17s and 33s i have run as well as OEM mags. The body was rigid enough, post mortem inspection of the drum it appears it was miss timed, the follower is a number of metal cylinders (with rounded/conical ends) linked together as a chain and on a an empty drum it was possible for the last link of the follower to extend past the feed lips resulting in the bolt ripping it off and trying to chamber it.


Working on my old pos pawnshop AK, think i paid like 250 for it and it started out as a wasr10 (about as low on the hierarchy of AK coolness/quality as you can go with out setting foot in the kyber pass, gun shoots ok though) and of course some fitting required (because the gun was built in some “socialist workers paradise” on a friday afternoon, and the QC commissar had already drunk himself into a stupor, so yea things are abit off from spec) turns into dremel and belt sander. So im planning out how Im going to redneck engineer this (aka drinking a beer) and of course my thoughts drift to the old machinest/gunsmith rule of thumb, “always cut on the cheepest piece of the project” and I realize that invariably on this project the gun is always going to be the cheepest thing which leads me to realize i have more invested in magpul plastic for the AK than I have in the AK.

Still waiting on the magpul sidefolder to show up


@Chris19d Robski with AK Operators Union swears by the WASR as an entry to AK.


This was one of the century imports from 10 years ago or so when they had some serious QC issues, it’s entirely possible the current ones are a lot better than mine, which initially had a canted front sight and other deficiencies (which have been fixed over time). At the time I purchased it my comments on is place in the AK hierarchy was accurate.


Guess I started on another project, saw a price on an ar10 reciever set i couldnt pass up (246 shipped for stripped upper/lower set from a reputable mfgr), so slowly going to be acquiring parts for a mid-long range paper/steel gun that will see double duty as a hunting gun.


If I ever get a .308 it’s gonna be a Galil. I want one so bad!


@Kona Its getting built in 6.5 creedmoor, havent decided on a barrel length yet need to do some balistics math, figure out what kinda compromise between MV (and thus bullet drop) and OAL im willing to accept.


@Chris19d I have no hands on experience with AR10s but I’ve researched it quite a bit and haven’t found a lot of positives. Building from scratch is allegedly a lesson in out of spec parts not fitting. The advice I’ve always read is to buy a complete rifle if going that route. I look forward to your results.


Its nowhere near as bad as it was 5 years ago with nonstandard parts, most companies have standardized on the dpms ar308 pattern and you see a lot less manufacturers doing their own random incompatible thing. Imo the ar10 is a solid precision platform, id take it hands down over a number of other platforms, the m14/m1a for example (had a m14 dmr in iraq for a while, was not impressed). That being said its going to be a while before this gets finished, buying bits slowly so the wife doesn’t find out it exists yet


Heres my ar10. Built from a dpms lr308 lower. Fab defense gl-shock stock. CAA grip. Strike industries arch-el charging handle. Stike j comp 2 flash hider. Odin adjustable gas block. Harris bipod as well. Topped with a vortex crossfire II 6-18×44 AO scope. She runs great! !


@Chris19d I think we all played that don’t let the wife know game :sunglasses: my problem is she gets home before me so she sees all the packages first


Fortunately I get to the mail before she does. Ended up finding an amazing deal on the barrel i wanted and ended up buying it too. Shes really gonna be pissed if she finds out now.

Just have to hide it 2 more months till the arms control agreement i agreed to with the wife expires black friday. (If therrs interest ill explain the story of the arms control agreement in another thread its mildly amusing…)


@Chris19d LMAO, playing the game


The pawnshop special AK got a junk drawer scope mount (ebay chinesium rear sight replacement rail and random 30mm low mount) and a vortex red dot i found while cleaning my closet this afternoon (which prompted the whole search for stuff to attach it to the ak) Kinda wish i knew who made that low 30mm mount i put it in, wouldnt mind another 1 or 2 of em for a couple projects despite being a junk drawer find i kinda like it.


@Chris19d I’ll be eagerly awaiting this one lol


Me too, hopefully will be done before i tag out on white tail this winter, but if not theres still hogs, axis deer and other exotics down here. This is going to be slower paced than most of my other builds, ar10 parts and a good scope arent cheep, and i have a lot less random parts i can reuse to keep costs down for this kind of build.


@Chris19d Whatever you do find a good hiding spot (Arms Agreement) or you may be :skull_and_crossbones:


Its gonna live in the footlocker in my office, under my collection of single malt scotch. The wife hates scotch, shed never think to look in there for treaty violations.


Great thing is parts for all ar platforms has come down in price in the last year. Heck, you can buy a complete ar 10 for under $600 now. That was unheard of 2-3 years ago.
I built mine for around 1k including the scope.
Ive been seeing stripped upper and lower packages going for under $150 right now.
Nows definitely the time to be building or buying them up
Ar15s for under $350
Ar10s under $600
Can get into a 6.5grendel or creedmor for under $600
224 valkerie for about the same

Buyers market right now

I too prefer to build all of mine. Make em yours instead of buying then swapping parts but the options are there for sure


Im expecting to be closer to 2000 with out glass because of some of the stuff i want since im building it out as a precision rifle. The trigger i want for example is $240, the magpul prs stock i want is about 200 etc.