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@Kona I think you should make it your own, whatever that ends up being bro, you can always change it


Decided to test it on an old HK licensed Walther MP5 .22 I had laying around.


Nice job perfect shade


I’ll take my time to decide if I want to spray the sub. I learned quickly it’s better to keep your distance and do sweeping short bursts from distance. Full auto will leave runny spots.


@Kona I guess you decided to jump, you are a braver man than I. Let us know how it holds up, we know you put your guns to use.


@dave67 I’ll tell on myself lol. When the movie Chappie came out I was so ate up with it (the guy in the movie had a bright yellow AR) and I thought “hey I want that too! Ill have my brother paint my MP5 school bus yellow.” My enthusiasm didn’t last very long and I basically stopped shooting it altogether. It didn’t exactly pain me to paint over it hahaha! Now the sub is one I’ll have to think on.


Not perfect but not bad for my first spray. Way better than what it was.


Looks good. I’d give the paint a couple more days to harden up. It is still curing.


I’d like to do a .300 BLK AR Pistol and add a folding brace. Hyper compact, rifle caliber, and legal to conceal in NC. Would be my first AR. PSA has an 8.5" model for $550 that’s tempting. Wouldn’t do much beyond that, add a dot and probably flashlight. We’ll see. Could turn into more of a project like the Sub was but I doubt it.


@TheThreeLaws A friend of mine built a .300 BLK AR 8.5" pistol and I really like it. I shot it with subsonic rounds and wow what fun, low noise and low recoil. The arm braces have gotten much better looking and really make it look like an SBR.


I just finished my first AR-15 build. This was built from scratch except the upper receiver came preassembled (dust cover and forward assist installed).


Thanks @GL9CK. Gun looks great. I want one just like that. Delivered😁


Thanks! Haha I wish I could build guns for a living.


I’ve got a stripped Tegra lower. I already have a 223 and 556. So not sure if I should go 556 again or maybe go 762x39 to match my AK. I also have a G17 lower, so now i just need a slide to complete it


Ok … I’m feeling ambitious … maybe enough to give the question an answer.

I added a brand new to me project last night. I won an everything but the receiver auction for a bag of Marlin 7000 bits last night. I don’t even have a receiver I’m willing to make available so I’ll be buying a $150 Marlin 795 to source the receiver. I mostly bought this one on general principle 'cause Marlin shoulda never stopped making/supporting the heavy barrel rimfires. This is my third 7000 and it will eventually join my 7000T and my 7000 in the collection. I’ll put either of mine up against anyone’s $1k Ruger 10/22.

I also have a Marlin 795 with barrel shortened to 16.125" and threaded. It is currently in a Badger M22 Bullpup stock but wants to move into a gutted Tavor Airsoft stock. I would build the 7000 onto this receiver, but I am lacking faith that I will get the barrel oriented perfectly with the rail.

And, my last long gun project is actually getting made into a pistol that will function like a SBR. It is just a AR Stripped lower that is favoring a 300 BO buildout.

For pistols I have three that need some detail work. I need to swap the single sided thumb safety and metal trigger onto my Sig 938.

I’ve also got three 1911 frames (one double stack) lined up for front strap checkering.

Finally, my STI Duty One wants me to get its frame Color Case Hardened.

So, I’m glad that my Sub 2000 is one optic mount away from done.


Got the lower for my AR9 built today, should have the stuff to build the upper tomorrow.

Spent over an hour adjusting the dimensions of the drum by hand, it was almost a mm out of spec (compared to some oem glock mags) still needs a bit more work to get it to fit a bit more smoothly. I dont want it to quite drop free when i hit the mag release (drums are more fragile than mags and dont want ot accidentally hitting the ground), but want it to take very little effort to pull it out. Also, the MOE pistol grip is probably going away, I want something with a more upright grip angle.


Took a lot longer to get all the parts in and get everything assembled, but the AR9 is done.


Very nice work @Chris19d. I would have never thought to check the drum like you did. I guess if you can shift the material by hand you always should be able to make it work



Thank, its one of my favorite projects recently. Really happy with how it turned out.

Lol unfortunately after all that work the drum broke when i was function testing it with dummy rounds, fed OK, but 1st time the bolt dropped on an empty drum it broke the follower.


@Chris19d that really sucks. That’s what has kept me from dropping cash on drums they don’t seem to be rigid enough. The 30 round ETS Glock mags are plenty enough for me anyhow. Is it Chinese or Korean made?