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I am soo glad you said that and not me! I have seen lots of Henrys with issues, especially the .22! Why don’t folks just buy the Marlin or Winchester? Both of those work reliably!

Oh yeah, thats right, the Henry is pretty! :laughing:


It is the .22 golden boy.



Oh boy. Mine is the .22 Mag Golden Boy:

No issues thus far from it, but have not shot it much, either. Was thinking about adding the blued version for hunting (as this one is too ‘pretty’ to hunt with).


@JohnB brother is an LEO so of course he “collects guns” vs shooting them. LOL.

I know he has quite a few of them and he just told me he put $$ down on an 1866. they are popular because they are cheap and flashy. But that does not make them bad. So I probably should not slander them needlessly. :smirk:



I would rather hear the truth than worry about getting my feelings hurt (which it doesn’t, by the way).

So, from your experience, Henry rifles are more problematic than Winchester or Marlin, rifles? Is this true just for the rimfires, or across the board?


I think it is a problem in particular to rimfires. When you think about it a cartridge does not have to be much out of alignment to catch on the chamber rim. And of course when you make that backstroke of the lever you basically bend the case in half.

Now that said this is my brother…I joke about him being a collector because he never gets the time to shoot much. (He busy running a jail). So the first thing I am going to do is see if it is a “short stroke” issue.



Please keep me posted on this. I hadn’t heard about Henry having such problems, but I haven’t been looking that much, either.



As I understand it, modern Marlins and Winchesters are having real QC issues. If you don’t mind not having a loading gate, pretty much every recommendation I’ve seen has been to get a Henry (unless you can get a older Marlin/Winchester, before their new ownership and troubles).

My Henry is great and I’ve never really heard of real issues from them. I bet they’d fix it if you sent it in too.


@TheThreeLaws never had an issue with any of my model94 trappers. But then again that was 30 some odd years ago?

…sigh. Things do change.


@TheThreeLaws honestly I think he is just short stroking it. Some of our cowboys said the .22 is a bit susceptible to that.

I will see. :grin:


Johnksg, TheThreeLaws

So, basically, for the Henry rimfires - just don’t get in a big hurry when cycling the lever and it should be okay?

A friend of mine has the Henry Big Boy (all steel) in .357 mag - smooth enough for me, very accurate, but heavy for the caliber. No problems shooting it. However, neither he or I try to shoot it fast, or a lot at a time.


I have seen that the 22 Henrys are somewhat picky on ammo, guy i shoot with sometimes, has one, will eat 22LR round nose all day long, but it will fold spindle and mutilate any of the hollowpoints… Saying that, I would love to give the Henry Long Ranger a whirl, in 308

Winchester… but it would have to have the optional iron sights on it. A lever gun in 308, thinkin bout that just gives me the gooseybumps…


@GOBLIN I loved the old Trappers and also the Rossi before taurus bought em and ruined them. Now those were some fun, fast, PCCs!


RKguns had a Long Ranger in 6.5 Creedmore a while back, but it’s been sold out.
I was considering getting it when it was in stock.


Found out PSA has an upcoming ATF lower, and I’m seriously considering getting it to swap onto my .300blk pistol. Somehow that just seems appropriate. Maybe add a binary trigger too…


And here it is, My 742 straight-pull 30-06.

Nearly finished. Got the gas port blocked. Everything cleaned and working. Added a Mesa Tactical High-Tube stock adapter. Hogue pistol grip and stock. The free float tactical forend I wanted is no longer available, so I used a basic synthetic one. 10-round mag. Added the EGW scope mount. I have a Harris #3 bipod adapter and bipod ordered. Also have the castle nut and dual loop endplate ordered.Really can’t wait to get it scoped and see how it shoots. Iron sights are no longer useful due to the High-Tube adapter.

I’m also planning to have the receiver and barrel parkerized. And I’ll post another pic when I get it scoped and add the bipod.


you ever get a chance to check out bipods, check out the ATLAS Line, I put the V-8 series on my long reach Remington 6mm, as the 20 year old harris bipod was beginning to get a lil bit worse for wear. Ive got a second one on one of my 556 frankenAR’s,.I plan on getting another one for My Ar 10 . they are 4 different models application, plus

all have built in Pan, and Kant, along with 45 degree leg positioning, plus 8 available changeable feet, I have a set of rubber, plus a set of cleat and spike feet, ( use the cleat the most) and they have a available 3" extension for the legs, Legs are , on my V8. 5" collapsed, to 8" extended, 5 settings on the individual leg adjustment, 0,45,90,135,and 180 degrees, Pricing, from the V8 line, from 219$ to 270$ depending on the variation of clamps, but you can get em on the “blemished” page, my second one was a blemish, and all i could find on it was one tiny nick in the paint on a screw… . Units are 100% made in USA. tough as they come. check em out at



just ordered my next build


Still having fun with my new printer. Quality is not quite there yet.
Here’s a bolt handle I made. Just slides on the original handle very snugly.

I don’t want to work it on and off too many times and loosen it up.
But I need to sand it down, polish it and paint it matte black.


Hyve was running a 15% off sale, so grabbed their full Shield set (trigger, slide plate, and a +1 for both 6 and 7 round mags). Thinking I’m gonna get the Recover Tactical rail and a PL Mini 2 for a compact but legit carry gun. Maybe do that .357 Sig conversion too.

Honestly a P365 probably would have been the choice, but I already got the Shield, and it was my first gun, so I can’t bring myself to sell it. Figure if I trick it out, maybe I’ll be more likely to carry it and enjoy it.